What to wear?

what to wear?

You’ve signed up, been training hard, and are ready to tackle the course. You’ve arranged your last supper and crafted the perfect pre-event breakfast trifecta of carbs, protein, and fat – but we’re sure you’re wondering what to wear? An old t-shirt? The beat up sneaks that have seen better days? Read on to find out exactly what gear will get you through 16km of mud and sweat.

Run, Mudder, Run

We recommend using some shoes from the Merrell range. They are great for the outdoors. But if you can’t get your hands on a pair, choose something old that you don’t mind getting filthy. You can try washing them at the end, but go for some shoes that you don’t mind throwing away.

Wear something with laces so they can be tightened. You should consider taping your laces and shoes otherwise you could lose a shoe in the depths of the mud! And make sure your shoes have GRIP. There are lots of slippery muddy obstacles, so give yourself the best chance of success by having grip.

Apparel That’ll Help You Crush Every Obstacle


You’re going to want a top that is form-fitting, quick-drying and breathable. While loose, cotton tops are comfortable, once they’re dripping wet they’ll weigh you down – not to mention you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a cold blanket if the temperature is less than favorable.

For even more protection, check out short sleeve and long sleeve Tough Mudder tops.


Show up on the course in something that dries quickly, offers protection and stretches to increase your full range of motion, like a lightweight pair of tights or shorts.

Step Up Your Sock Game

It’s all in the details. No one enjoys running with gnarly blisters, so step up your sock game with a pair that features anti-friction and quick dry technology to keep your feet feeling fresh no matter how many kms you’re logging. Check out our awesomely orange TM Socks

Avoid Dehydration

The course has water stations, but be sure to visit our Bulk Nutrients station for their latest supplements.

Head Gear 101

Running with a hat isn’t a necessity but wearing one could make the difference between squinting through 16kms of mud, and soaking in the epic vistas throughout the course. Our TM Hat which is coming soon to our online store, makes for the perfect shield, when you’re thinking about what to wear. Toss it to the side while completing water obstacles like Arctic Enema (no one wants to do that twice).

Gloves That’ll Help You Get a Grip

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – grip strength is key on a Tough Mudder course (read more on how to improve yours HERE). There’s nothing worse than getting halfway across Funky Monkey only to realize it’s not your strength that’s failing – it’s your slippery hands. Opting to wear gloves is a personal preference, but it will definitely help.

Slather on the Sun Protection

To avoid a long-lasting farmer’s tan and/or annoying sunburn, pick a water-resistant sunscreen that’ll stay on long after you emerge from the merky waters at Blockness Monster.