What is Tough Mudder?
Tough Mudder hosts world-class obstacle course events and races with distances ranging from 3-5 miles (5-8K), 10+ miles (15+K), packed with legendary obstacles. We provide the tools to help you reach goals and events to live out unforgettable experiences. Our mission: to grow Mudder Nation into a global community that lives courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork, and fun.
How Long is the Tough Mudder course?
Tough Mudder 3-5 miles: 13+ obstacles
Tough Mudder 10+ miles: 20+ obstacles

Endurance Series:
Tough Mudder Infinity: A multi-lap competitive endurance experience, Toughest Mudder: 12 hours, through the night, how many miles can you run?
World’s Toughest Mudder: the most extreme, insane, imposing, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping 24-hour obstacle course challenge on the planet.
How Long Will it Take?
The average finish time for a Tough Mudder 3-5 miles is 2-2.5 hours; for Tough Mudder 10 miles it’s 3.5-4 hours and Infinity is anything up to 8 hours. That said, Tough Mudder 3-5 miles and 10+ miles aren’t timed races, so you (or your team) can go at your own pace. How long an event will take you depends on your level of fitness, your experience, and whether or not you’ve been training.
Is Tough Mudder a race?
Tough Mudder 3-5 miles and 10+ miles are not races. A Tough Mudder event is a personal challenge with the goal of overcoming obstacles and completing the course. This is why we do not time people on our Lidl Mudder, 3-5 miles and 10+ mile courses and why we try to avoid using the word “race” when describing our events.

For those Mudders interested in competition, we offer a competitive Endurance Series, consisting of Tough Mudder Infinity, Toughest Mudder and World’s Toughest Mudder.
Yes, in Australia Tough Mudder 3-5mile, and 10+ mile participants must be at least 14 years old.

Any participants under the age of 18 taking part in the Tough Mudder 3-5 mile (5-8K), Tough Mudder 10 + miles (15+K) will need to be accompanied on course by a chaperone who is 18+ years old.
That depends on your event: You can choose 3-5 miles, 10+ miles depending on the event location. But any all-out sprinting (or jogging…or walking…these events aren’t timed, you can go at your own pace) will be broken up by our world-class obstacles. Want to raise your running game? Our expert running tips will help you kick butt between obstacles.
Can You Do Tough Mudder Alone? Do I Need Team?
You’ll need help from your fellow Mudders to conquer some of Tough Mudder’s most insane obstacles, but you DON’T need a team to register for a Tough Mudder event.
How do I Join a Team?
If you want to run at the same time as your friends and family you will need to create and join a team in Active. Once you have booked your tickets a team captain will need to login to Active and create a team, the other members of the team will then need to sign into Active and join the team.
What Should I Wear to Tough Mudder?
1. A good, comfy pair of running shoes (that you’re not too attached to) with good cushioning, traction, and drainage.
2. Form-fitting, light weight, breathable gear (always check the weather and adjust accordingly). Avoid cotton as it retains moisture and may cause chafing.
What Should I Bring to Tough Mudder?
1. A Positive Attitude
2. ID + your digital ticket on your smartphone
3. Well-worn trainers
4. Change of Clothing + Shoes
5. Sunscreen
6. Plastic Bag (for wet, muddy gear)
7. Money for extra snacks and awesome merch (all of our vendors accept contactless payment)
Yes, registrations can be transferred to a new event or a different person. Transfer fees may apply. Please check out all of the transfer FAQs to see which scenario applies to you.
What Happens on Event Day?
All of that training and preparing for Tough Mudder might leave you wondering what the actual day will be like. If you need any assistance on the day or have any questions just head to the Info Tent.
Parking and Bag drop
General Parking – Save time and money by pre-paying for parking in advance with your ticket.
Disabled Parking is available both days. Please ensure that your handicapped pass is visible.

BAG DROP – included in your ticket purchase.
Save time and money by purchasing in advance with your ticket.
Are Dogs Allowed at the Event?
Yes. Dogs are permitted at Tough Mudder Australia events with spectators, provided that they remain ON LEASH with their handler at all times. Dogs must be under effective control at all times. Never leave your dog unattended. Waste bags are not supplied onsite so you must bring your own bags to clean up after your dog, and dispose of their waste in the bins provided. Don’t be that person.
Will There Be Food and Water on Course at Tough Mudder?
Yes, every course will have water stations and nutrition available for participants during the event. The Tough Mudder 10+ mile course will have 4-5 water stations, the 3-5mile course will have a minimum of 1 water station. There will also be food trucks onsite.
How Do I Get my Photos From the Event?
The link to photos for events will be emailed to you the following week, so stay tuned!
What size finisher shirt should I choose?
Not sure what size shirt to choose? Click below to view our sizing chart.
Have another question?
Visit our support page or contact our Customer Support team.