5 places you will definitely find mud when you cross the finish line

We all love to play in the mud and bring back those childhood memories of getting down and dirty with our mates without a care in the world.  Tough Mudder lets us relive these memories and we encourage you to get as dirty as possible.

Go  on, get dirtier… because in the end, the dirt and grime will wash off (thanks to Solvol), but the glory, and the epic photos will last forever.

Fingernails and toenails

It’s trademark and proof you hit the course hard …So expect to see dirt deep under your fingernails and toenails as you wrap your hand around that finish line beer. But don’t worry, as you head to the rinse stations, the Solvol soap will work hard to get you cleaned up good. Solvol soap is tough on dirt but soft on skin!

And if you wake up on Monday morning with dirt still under your finger nails, ignore those strange looks from your colleagues and wear it with pride!


Inside the ears, behind the ears, inside those crevices, this the mud that lingers the longest as it’s the hardest to see. We recommend asking that someone special (or someone you just met on the course) to give you a full muddy ear inspection in the rinse stations or you may never find it!

Those sensitive areas

Yep, we’re sorry to say but mud will inevitably end up in places where the sun don’t shine. So while it may be tempting to go full commando in the rinse stations to get it all off, please keep your underwear on until you head home to the privacy of your own shower, for everyone’s sake!


Those epic team outfits you wore at the start of the day will never recover from a Tough Mudder, so why not leave them at the event in our clothing collection bins to be donated to charity. Our charity partner Boots 4 All will be collecting all left over dirty clothes and shoes and will be washing them with Biozet Attack washing powder  then donating them to disadvantaged families. Hot tip: Just remember to bring a change of clothes or you’ll be riding home in your jocks.

Your phone

If you really want to get that mud covered selfie before hitting the rinse stations just take extra care with your phone as we’d hate to see it die of mud poison. We’ll have official finish line photographers set up to capture that epic team photo so you don’t have to.

The dirtier you are , the better and Luckily we have our good friends Solvol on board to help get you all cleaned up. For Solvol, there’s no such thing as too dirty. So make sure you visit the Solvol rinse station after your run and take advantage of the Solvol soap that will get you clean, you dirty thing!