You Won’t Believe Which 6 Celebrities Have Run a Tough Mudder

While we pride ourselves in being the worldwide leader in mud and grit, our Tough Mudder obstacle courses have attracted some glitz and glamour over the years. Heck, with all that mud covering everyone from head to toe, you might have even run alongside Miss USA without even knowing it. Think we’re kidding? Well, we’re not. We’re kind of a big deal…and so are some other people who have run a Tough Mudder.

Here are some famous folks who’ve gotten down and brown to earn that orange.

1. Miss USA, Erin Brady

Before walking the runway, Miss USA 2013 Walked the Plank at Tough Mudder New England 2012.

2. Baltimore Ravens Coach, John Harbaugh

The Super Bowl-winning NFL coach tackled Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic 2013.

3. Actor, Joshua Jackson

The Dawson’s Creek star and Mighty Ducks hero got down and dirty at Tough Mudder Tahoe 2013.

4. WWE Wrestler, CM Punk

Pro wrestler Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk smashed his hometown Mudder, TM Chicago, in May 2014.

5. Olympian, Erin Hamlin

In between her two Mudders, Boston 2013 and New England 2014, the former world champion luger brought home the bronze in Sochi.

6. UFC Fighter, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone

One of the top ranked UFC Lightweights beat up on Tough Mudder Colorado 2013 and plans to do so again this September.

Were you at one of these events? Did Miss America help you over Everest? Slide down Fire in the Hole next to Erin Hamlin? Fall over locking eyes with Pacey Witter? We want to hear about it in the comments below.