5 ways to prepare for Tough Mudder this Easter

Your Easter camping trip doesn’t have to just be about sitting around a campfire, sinking beers and gobbling down Easter eggs — you can use it to as the ultimate preparation for Tough Mudder.

1. Teamwork

Avoid the arguments and put teamwork into practice early on as you put the tent up.
If everyone takes a section, works together and follows the instructions, things will go seamlessly. And just a little advice, put the tent up early, before you finish the first slab of beer and you might have better results. And if your brother Jack forgot the tent pegs, instead of telling him he’s ruined the trip, punish him to 10 star jumps, and go haul some massive rocks back to hold your tent down. Easy!

2. Mental grit

You know those little friends we have in the great outdoors- spiders, mosquitoes, flies, leeches, bees and snakes? Well they are the perfect test of your mental grit. If you can survive a weekend in the bush with the knowledge that these bugs are everywhere, you’re well on your way to being able to conquer a Tough Mudder. And if you have a mate who needs a bit of extra help, try putting a plastic snake in their sleeping bag and see how they deal with that.

3. Mud

April weather is not the most reliable, so if the unfortunate happens and you get stuck in a huge downpour, instead of huddling in the tent playing UNO, get outside and get muddy.
Practice running up hill in the mud, crawling through it, sliding down it, and even swimming in it. We promise you’ll have fun, there’s nothing like a bit of mud to release your inner child.

4. Strength

While all that bike riding, hiking, water skiing, wood chopping, running and golfing will help build your physical strength, if you want some more dedicated training plans that you can do under the stars, download the official Virgin Active Tough Mudder training plan here.

5. Save $

Make sure you tune into our Tough Mudder Facebook page on Thursday  29th March for a special Easter giveaway!

Happy Easter mudders!