5 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee (Hint: It’s Way More Than An Energy Boost)

Whether you spingboard out of bed when your alarm goes off or not, there’s something about the smell of a strong coffee that signals the start of a new day.

We all know that too much of a good thing can make it, well…not so good, but being able to limit how much you consume goes a long way. In honor of the greatest beverage ever created (and what we run on at TMHQ), here are five fun facts to get you in the mood for a good brew.

1) Mind in Check

According to a research study from the Alzheimer’s Disease Organization, drinking coffee moderately (up to 3 cups a day), could postpone the onset of Alzheimer’s altogether. Now you’ll never forget how you felt after Arctic Enema or Electroshock Therapy.

2) The Happy Bean

Not having the best day? Powerful antioxidants in coffee can make you feel happier. Take a walk, grab a fresh brew and get ready to turn your frown upside down.

3) Caffeine Fuel

Did you know drinking this miracle elixir could help boost your training performance? Drinking coffee before your next workout (or Tough Mudder event) could be just the ticket to taking your sweat session to the next level. Experience an increase your adrenaline and a release fatty acids that’ll help improve your overall mental focus and physical performance.

4) Fat Burner

We’re all working toward the six-pack of our dreams. Turns out not only is coffee an awesome pre-workout replacement when you’re out of C4, it’s great for helping to break down fat cells in the body too.

5) A Healthier Heart

Drinking coffee is more that a drink to keep you awake; it helps protect your heart too. Minerals and other chemical compounds in coffee (not the caffeine) help reduce body inflammation. So go ahead, grab that 3rd cup of the day.