Myth 1 – You must complete all obstacles!

BUSTED. We have BY-PASS Lanes – with NO Penalties! Tough Mudder is not a race, nor is it about getting a better time than other participants, so it’s fine by us if you want to skip an obstacle and use the bypass lane. The way we see it, you are there to have fun and challenge yourself.

No Penalties, No Judgement

Myth 2 – You have to be an elite athlete or marathoner to take part.

BUSTED. Mudders come with all fitness levels and we have a Mudder for everyone.

Tough Mudder Classic: includes 16KM of mud and obstacles, along with 25 obstacles including elements of mud, water and ice. The obstacles are designed to test teamwork as well as personal strength.
Tough Mudder 5K: includes 5KM of muddy fun with 13 obstacles that are designed to be challenging yet fun and all teamwork based. We like to think of the Tough Mudder 5K as the ideal way to pop your Mudder cherry, and we can guarantee you’ll want to come back and tackle the Classic next time.

Myth 3 – You can’t run it alone.

BUSTED. No, you can definitely take on Tough Mudder solo, and we can guarantee you that you’ll still have an awesome day, and meet plenty of new friends. The whole idea of Tough Mudder is teamwork and camaraderie so you’ll find everyone helps everyone out, whether you’re in their team or not. We now have dedicated Tough Mudder Solo Runners start waves that are designed for likeminded individuals to meet up and run the course together. Check out more information here

Myth 4 – Tough Mudder is just for blokes.

BUSTED: Over 40% of our Mudders are female, which is the highest globally!!

Myth 5 – I have zero upper body strength, I’ll fail every obstacle.  

BUSTED. The majority of the obstacles are designed to test team work and camaraderie, so individual strength is only required on a small number of obstacles. We also have bypass lanes so if one or two of the obstacles are not for you, simply take a break and come back and conquer next year. Plus, there will be plenty of Mudders on course who are willing to lend a hand to push / pull you over obstacles.

Myth 6 – I’m scared I’m going to embarrass myself.

BUSTED. Tough Mudder is all about teamwork, once you step on that course you become part of Mudder Nation. You’ll find your place on the course and quickly work out where your strengths lie. Our obstacles are designed to test people in a variety of ways. Some people might be super fit and strong, but when it comes to the mental challenges they need a little encouragement. Good with words … this is where you come into play. A bit of a joker? We all need a laugh to keep us going over 16k’s.

Myth 7 – I heard I’m going to get injured?

BUSTED. As with any event of this nature injuries do occur.  However, safety is of paramount importance to us and all our obstacles are tested and approved prior to each event. The majority of our obstacles are designed to have fun – think jumping in muddy holes, sliding down a massive slip and slide or climbing all over your mates.

Myth 8 – I heard tickets are really expensive.

BUSTED: Tickets are sold using a price tier system. The closer to an event the more expensive so jump in now and you can score yourself a ticket for only $105. We also have a Mudder Payment Plan so you can reduce the strain on the wallet.  Payment $50 now and split the rest across two simple monthly repayments.

Myth 9 – I’ll get electrocuted!

BUSTED: None of our obstacles in Australia involve electricity. We challenge you but in a fun way. Plus each of the obstacles have a by-pass lane so you decided.

Myth 10 – You need to be able to run 16km non-stop

BUSTED. Hell no, the best thing about Tough Mudder is that it’s not timed. So you can take as long as you like. Walk, run, jog, skip or dance. Cover the distance how you like. One things for sure, you won’t even realise you’ve covered 5 or 16k’s thanks to all the Muddy fun you’ll be having.

Myth 11 – All Mudders are 24 and super fit.  

BUSTED: The average age of a Mudder is 32. Our youngest Mudders are 14 and in 2019 our oldest Mudder was 72.

Myth 12  – I’ll never get rid of the mud..

BUSTED: There’s one guarantee from a Tough Mudder event – you will get Mudder. The mud will be through your clothes and shoes and even in places you didn’t think mud could go. We have shower and change facilities and hey remember back to your childhood when the best times were playing in the mud.

Plus remember, you’re buying into a way of life, a life changing experience… so it’s worth it.