World’s Toughest Mudder: Team Relay Category

Dear Mudder Nation,

Among the exciting new changes to the World’s Toughest Mudder format for 2017 is the creation of the National Team Relay category. This format promises to pit teams of 4 (or more) from nations across the world against each other in a fast-paced, strategic 24-hour competition. Teams will be required to run the first and last lap of the competition together, with all other laps being completed by a minimum of 50% of the team at a time.

Every year we at TMHQ try to provide a platform for athletes to come and push the limits of human endurance, and that is the driving force behind the decision to introduce this new team category. We want to see how athletes approach this new challenge and showcase new methods of strategy and teamwork. As past World’s Toughest athletes know, resting for extended periods of time during the race can be a bad thing – once momentum is lost it’s hard to regain. For this reason, teams who participate in this new format will have to plan very carefully how they approach this race. Trade each lap and take a break? Run three laps and give teammates time to catch a few minutes of much-needed sleep? Have one strong runner out there the whole time being paced by teammates? TMHQ is excited to see what competitors bring to the table in this entirely new challenge.

For all teams who wish to compete in this exciting new category, applications can be filled out here. Only one member of the team needs to complete the form. Once completed, TMHQ will reach out to each team to obtain proof of identity and nationality of all team members.

The official 2017 World’s Toughest Mudder rules will be released in the coming months, but below is a brief overview of some of the key rules related to the National Team Relay format:

  • Competitors must all be registered participants of the same nationality
  • Must fill out a National Team (4+) application by September 1st to run as National Team
  • Must complete first lap and last lap as a full team, all other laps require at least 50% or more of the team on-course to have laps count towards overall mileage
  • All relay laps completed between the first and last lap can be completed by any combination of team members.
  • For example:
    Athlete 1 runs three laps in a row, each with a different teammate
    Athlete 1 & Athlete 2 run one lap together, Athlete 3 & Athlete 4 run one lap together, repeat
  • Teams are allowed to disband and continue the event as individuals, however each athlete will only be credited with miles/laps that they have individually completed up to that point
  • Individuals within teams will still be eligible for mileage perks based on their individual achievement within the event
  • National Teams will be eligible to win cash prizing in the National Team Category
  • All teammates must have achieved Contender status for team to receive contender perks

Within the National Team Relay category, teams may also register as either First Responder or Armed Services of their particular nation. All team members must be of the same nationality and affiliated with the chosen service category for the team to be eligible for this additional category. It is common knowledge that firefighters everywhere think they are the most badass creatures on the planet. Now we will find out who truly wins in an all-out battle of guts and glory: the American firefighters vs. los bomberos Mexicanos vs. les pompiers Français. Throw into that mix teams of US Navy Seals, Israeli special forces, Canadian policemen, and British Royal Air Force and you’ve got a cocktail of badassery that promises to deliver fireworks.

Up for grabs with this additional category within the National Team Relay competition is pride, a sweet trophy, and ultimate international bragging rights.

Through the application process, National Teams can additionally identify as either:

Armed Services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, International service members welcome
First Responders: Police, Fire, EMTs, EMS, International members/other forms welcome
If applicable, applicants will be asked while filling out the application form to provide the name of the Armed Forces or First Responders group that their team will be representing. TMHQ will reach out to these teams for proof of identity and affiliation.

In summary, up for grabs this year in the National Team Category are the following prizes:

$10,000 for the winning team
$4,000 for the runners-up
$2,000 for the third-place team
National Team Cup for winning National Relay Team
First Responder Trophy for best performance by a Relay Team comprised of First Responders
Armed Services Trophy for best performance by a Relay Team comprised of Armed Services members or veterans

We know what some of you veterans (WTM veterans that is) out there may be thinking:
This dilutes the spirit of the event
I don’t want someone out there next to me running half the distance and getting all the credit
Firefighters are sexy, the more the merrier

Allow us to address these concerns head-on:
Tough Mudders don’t whine
World’s Toughest Mudders blend whine with a dozen raw eggs and eat it as a midnight snack while training in the dark
Less than 4 months now, Mudders.

See you soon,