Let’s meet some of our toughest Australians

On Friday we announced that Australia’s Toughest Mudder is coming to Queensland in May 2018.

And within minutes we had people signing up to the gruelling 8 hour challenge. Our very first male to register was, Peter “Dr Pete” Morris. Pete is a Tough Mudder legend and has completed more than 25 Tough Mudders. And Natasha Bilyk was our first female to register, and is 4x Mudder legionnaire who’s ready for the next challenge.

So we sat down with Pete and Natasha to find out WHY?

Why are you doing Toughest?

Pete: I’m doing Toughest because I want a new and more difficult challenge, and I feel Toughest will be able to push me to physical limits. I also want to see how I stack up against the best in Australia, and the guys who’ve done World’s Toughest as well. And besides that, I’m always up for a new challenge.

Natasha: I’m doing the Toughest as I like to push myself and set new challenges. I’ve done 4 Tough Mudders and I think this is the next step up. I like to set goals that people look at and think “you are crazy”.

What excites you about doing Toughest on Aussie soil?

Pete: I’m excited to be able to do Toughest with my Aussie Tough Mudder friends and family. I’m sure we will help each other get through the night, but we will be racing each other and pushing each other as well. We’ll finally see who has bragging rights as the toughest.

Natasha: What excites me most about doing Toughest Mudder on Australian soil – is that total push outside of my comfort zone (first night run and longest event I’ve participated in. I’ll be conquering new personal goals. Each year I’ve pushed myself harder and have improved my strength. My parents live in Queensland – I better tell them I’ve signed up and they can be my support crew. Again I’ve signed up for this by myself – but I know with the Tough Mudder community I’ll make friends along the way to help push each other through.

What are you nervous about?

Pete: I’m a little nervous to see how I go running on no sleep, and finding that mental drive to keep going when your whole body is aching. Running into a kangaroo in the middle of the night could also make it very interesting.

Natasha: What obstacles will we be facing, and running at night – I can be pretty clumsy at the best of times!

What are you most excited about?

Pete: What I’m most excited for about Toughest is the night aspect. I’ve never done any night racing, and I feel the added difficulty of the dark, and running with only a headlamp with be great. I’m looking forward to some new obstacles, and the Queensland weather will hopefully be kind to us too.

Toughest will hopefully be a stepping stone towards World’s Toughest for me too.

Natasha: To accomplish a new goal and meet new people. Bring on May 2017!