Toughest Mudder FAQs

What is Toughest Mudder?

Toughest Mudder is an 8 hour race format on a specially designed Toughest Mudder course across a 5 mile looped course. Mudders attempt to complete as many laps as possible within the time period.


When does Toughest start?

Toughest Mudder commences at midnight Saturday night (19th May) and continues until 8.30am Sunday morning.


When does Toughest end?

Toughest Mudder ends at 8am on Sunday morning

i. All Toughest Mudder Athletes will be given an additional 30 minutes, following the 8 hr. period, to complete their last active lap

ii. At 8:30:00 AM, all Athletes will be removed from course and the race will officially end;

iii. Athletes on an active lap at this time, but unable to finish prior to 8:30:00 AM on Sunday will be brought in by Toughest Mudder Race Officials at course close;

iv. Athletes will not be disqualified if still on course at 8:30:00 AM on Sunday, and are still eligible to be an 8-hour finisher;

v. Only the last full lap completed before 8:30:00 AM on Sunday will count towards the official race record


Are there new obstacles?

Yes, there will be a number of unique obstacles only available on the Toughest Mudder course.


Are there different start times?

No, everyone starts at the one start time.


Is Electroshock Therapy on the course?

No EST on course, though Toughest Mudder courses in 2017 included an electric obstacle called Operation. Participants can opt out of attempting the obstacle for Medical reasons, and a penalty option will be in place as an alternative.


How old do I need to be to enter?

You must be 18 or over as of 19/05/2018


Can you enter as a team?

Technically no team registrations, this is an individual race however as with all TM events teamwork and camaraderie will be present.  The start line pledge for Toughest Mudder sums it up best:


As a Tough Mudder, I pledge that

I understand this event is a race… but not an excuse to be a selfish jerk
I will uphold the Tough Mudder values of teamwork and camaraderie
I will help my fellow competitors complete the course
I will not whine… losers whine
I recognise that in life the race is long… and in the end, only really with myself


Will there be more Toughest at Sydney and Melbourne?

Not in 2018. Due to timings with World’s Toughest Mudder in November we have opted to hold Toughest Mudder Australia in SEQ in May, this will be the only Toughest in Australia in 2018.


If I have registered for a 2018 event already can I upgrade?

If you have already registered for the Tough Mudder SEQ event prior to the Toughest Mudder launch (prior to 10 November 2017) , you can request an upgrade. Unfortunately this does not apply to Melbourne 2018 or Sydney 2018 Mudder events.

The process for this refund is to purchase your Toughest Ticket, then send us an email with confirmation of your Toughest ticket, and your Tough Mudder SEQ ticket (must be purchased prior to 10 Nov 2017) and then we will be able to process a refund.


Is the Toughest Mudder included in the Australian season pass?

No, the season pass includes the regular Tough Mudder events only.


Do I need to pay for parking?

As a participant you will be supplied one complimentary car park pass. Other parking passes can be purchased closer to the event.


Will the price change?

Yes, as with all Tough Mudder events, the earlier you get in, the cheaper the tickets, so get in early to save.


Will there be a pit area?

Yes, we will have a pit area where you can store addition hydration and nutrition throughout the night[NB1] .


Are spectators allowed?

Yes, each participant is allowed two complimentary pit crew passes. Additional spectator passes can be purchased closer to the event.


Do you need to have done a Tough Mudder to compete in Toughest?

No, Toughest is open to anyone – all levels of fitness, as long as you are up for the challenge.

Meet some of the very first competitors to sign up to Toughest Mudder Australia.


Are there penalties for incomplete obstacles?

Participants must complete or attempt all obstacles in their entirety.  Where a participant fails a must complete obstacle – eg. Funky Monkey, then a penalty option will be in place and must be completed.  Failure to complete will result in Disqualification.  A full rule book will be released closer to the Event


Is the entire course under lights?

No, lights are provided at each of the obstacles however much of the course is deep in darkness, hence you will need to wear headlamps.


Are participants given headlamps?

During nighttime rules, all participants must wear headlamps and a strobe flasher at all times on course.  These are the participants responsibility to bring and maintain during the event.  (we suggest having a few spares)


Can we run as a team?

Technically yes, although an individual event, you can still run as a team and assist each other.


What do we need to wear?

This is totally up to you but you are running at night and the obstacles do include water, so some participants will be wearing wetsuits, and some won’t. But as mentioned above, you do need headlamps.


Does the Toughest Mudder Australia contribute to the global Toughest scoring?

Yes, this event will form part of the Global series and laps will be added. Further details will be supplied closer to the Event.


Can you qualify for Worlds Toughest Mudder by running enough km at Toughest Mudder Australia?

Anyone can enter World’s Toughest Mudder, however by running certain miles and finishing in certain places you can qualify for special categories. See details below:

WTM Contender category is for the those who qualify by running 25 miles at a Toughest Mudder event or through special application.  Contenders receive access to premium pit spaces, prize money, and a Contender Bib.

WTM Elite Contender is the category for the truly Elite athletes that are in contention to win WTM.  Qualification in this category requires a Top 3 Finish at any 2017 Toughest Mudder event.  Elite Contenders will be fighting for the same prize money as the Contender category, but with added access to the Bonus Mileage Prizes.

How do I buy tickets?

Sign up here.

[NB1] 8hr race, so generally no sleeping.  Pit area is far simpler than WTM, with participants having 1/3 of a trestle table to store gear.