Toughest Mudder Course Map

It’s finally here. Australia’s inaugural Toughest Mudder course map. Check out the 5 mile loop below and the list of obstacles you’ll be tackling over the course of the night.

These include exclusive Toughest Mudder obstacles, altered obstacles plus all your Tough Mudder favourites.

In Toughest Mudder, there are two types of obstacles on course. They will all be signposted on course. They may be slight changes at the discretion of the race official.

MUST ATTEMPT obstacles are obstacles that if not completed will incur a race penalty.

MUST COMPLETE obstacles must be completed in their entirety to prevent disqualification.

1. Devils Beard – MUST COMPLETE
2. Kiss of Mud 2.0 – MUST COMPLETE
3. The Block Ness Monster – MUST COMPLETE
4. Hold Your Wood 2.0 – MUST COMPLETE
6. Everest 2.0 – MUST ATTEMPT
7. Greased Lightning – MUST COMPLETE
8. Arctic Enema: The Rebirth – MUST COMPLETE
9. Birth Canal – MUST COMPLETE
10. Rope A Dope – MUST ATTEMPT
11. Funky Monkey – The Revolution – MUST ATTEMPT
12. Leap Of Faith – MUST ATTEMPT
13. Quagmire – MUST COMPLETE
14. Balls To The Wall – MUST COMPLETE
15. Kong Infinity – MUST ATTEMPT
16. Happy Ending – MUST COMPLETE