Probably the toughest crew on the planet: Alice

What is your role at Tough Mudder?

I’m lucky enough to be Volunteer Manager at Tough Mudder. My role onsite is to ensure all our amazing volunteers are well looked after and that they’re having a good time. It’s a busy role but the passion and enthusiasm from our MVPs makes it a very rewarding.


How did you come to be working at Tough Mudder?

I was in-between roles having taken some time off to travel the world and received a call from a friend of mine (the TM Operations Director) asking me to join the team. The rest is history! Interestingly, one of the first events I ever worked at out of university was Tough Mudder so it has been nice to be reunited with the team again.


Give us an insiders perspective on the Tough mudder course/world. What do you know that we don’t? Have you got any hot tips for future mudders?

Tough Mudder really is a unique event. I’ve worked on a lot of events and have never felt this sense of community and camaraderie from participants, staff and volunteers alike. Something you might not know? It actually takes a long time to design and create our obstacles and ensure they’re more exciting and challenging year on year. With some obstacles we start building them three weeks before the event. So don’t skip any! They’re all too much fun.


What 3 things do we need to know, to know the ‘real’ you?

  1. I LOVE cooking and am at my happiest in my kitchen
  2. I’m a bookworm
  3. Phobia of stingrays


If you had a superpower what would it be?

Teleportation. Anything to get me overseas without the 10+ plane trip would be amazing.


What is your favourite obstacle?

Funky Monkey. The upper body strength needed for it is crazy!


Most memorable experience at TM?

Being the newest Tough Mudder recruit I’ve only had one event under my belt so my most memorable experience  has been watching all my vollies return on Sunday to say they conquered the course! The smiles on their faces makes me feel like a proud mother!!!


What does your average day look like?

Lots of time spent on the phone calling volunteer groups and organizing shifts, uniforms and lunches. Excel spreadsheets are my good friends.