What is Tough Mudder?


Tough Mudder is no ordinary mud run – it’s an experience. An escape from the everyday. At Tough Mudder, you won’t just face your fears – you’ll knock them down. You’ll go over, around, and through them. You’ll test your strength, stamina, and grit, and you’ll help the Mudders around you to do the same.

We have two event distances available to cater for all fitness levels. Tough Mudder FULL 16+KM and Tough Mudder Half 9+KM.

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Tough Mudder Legion. Bigger. Better. Badder.

Finishing a Tough Mudder takes your epicness to a whole new level. After completing your first Tough Mudder you’ll automatically be inducted into Tough Mudder Legion, a community of people who Get.Shit.Done. As a Legionnaire you’re considered a leader, and will do whatever it takes to get yourself, and others, to the finish line.


Tough Mudder’s full lineup of team-oriented obstacles guarantees that you’ll cross the finish line with more friends than you started with. Whether it’s through a helping hand or an extra vote of confidence, your fellow Mudders will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you arrive solo or with a team, all you need to come with is the strength to leave your fears in the parking lot and the willingness to push the boundaries your comfort zone.


Check out what to expect on course from our latest event highlights video.

Stuff You'll Get

9- 16+ Kilometers

Up to 20+ World-Class Obstacles

500,000 Litres of Grade-A Mud

Performance Finish T

Finisher Headband

Ice Cold Beverage

Team Finisher Photos

Events Near You

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No Excuses

Don’t think you’re fit enough? Don’t have a team to run with? Don’t think our obstacles are cool enough? Pshhhh...we’ve got an answer for every excuse in the book. Take a look at the links below and learn why you might want to reconsider putting a Tough Mudder on your bucket list this year.