Why Tough Mudder is the best weekend of the year

Raising money for a charity, challenging your fitness, or just wanting to step out of your comfort zone- there are many reasons to run a Tough Mudder. In 2017, there is going to be new obstacles, different venues and harder challenges that promise to make 2017 the best year yet. In case you need any more incentive – here are three reasons why Tough Mudder will be the best weekend of your year:

It’s heaps of fun
Grab your gym buddies, family members or a few best mates and get out there! Not only is it fun to gallivant around the course all day over various obstacles, it makes for hilarious photos. Have you ever seen your mates face mid electric-shock to the balls? Didn’t think so. Trust us, it’s hilarious!

Meet new people
Tough Mudder is all about teamwork; in fact you won’t be able to complete the course without it! Not only will you make friends with a diverse group of people as you all help drag each other through the mud, the potential to meet a prospective hottie is high. Fit people full of endorphins are EVERYWHERE: take your pick.

You’ll get the workout of your life
Everyone will be in awe of your fortitude and stamina. No soul will dare pester you to hit the gym after work because you’ve already had the best full body workout of your life. Plus, you’ll have an excuse to inhale all those left over Easter eggs guilt free. Perfect.

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