Dear Mudders

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. As the fires continue to pose huge threats to many communities throughout the east of Australia our thoughts are with all of those affected and fighting the fires with little to no relief in sight.

Following the cancellation of our Sydney Tough Mudder Event, we would like to confirm and outline the refund process.

All registrations will be automatically refunded progressively from Monday 25th November, with an aim to complete all refunds by close of business Friday 29th November, with money landing back in your accounts shortly after.

Firstly, bear with us, the Tough Mudder team will be actively and individually processing each and every person’s refund – that’s over 9,500 people! We will get through this as quickly as we can, so please hold off on further enquiries until after we have worked through this process in the suggested time.

You will be automatically refunded for your registration plus any additional purchases selected. The only exception is the purchase of merchandise apparel that has already been delivered which will not be refunded.

There have been a number of enquiries about the ability for us to donate the value of your registration to the Fire Appeal. We think that is a fabulous idea, however in an effort to get you your money back as quickly as possible we suggest that you make that pledge directly when your money is returned – to make that process easier we have opened an EverydayHero fundraising page for direct fundraising which is here:

We look forward to sharing an update about the 2020 Tough Mudder schedule in due course and hope to see you next year!

Yours in mud,

The Tough Mudder Team


I bought a ticket off a friend using the transfer service, how do I get a refund?

As we do not have your credit card details (as payment was done by the original participant), the only way to provide a refund will be to the original participant. You will need to arrange directly with your friend to receive the funds.


I have changed my bank card since purchasing, but remain with the same bank how does the refund get back to my new card?

The refund will automatically be sent to the credit card account within the bank. Please contact your local branch to have the amount transferred to your new card.

Please Note: We are unable to change the credit card details from our end.

For more detailed information, please kindly refer to Active’s Closed Credit Card Refund.


I have changed my bank card and am now with a different bank, how does my refund get back to me in this situation?

If you no longer have an account with the same financial institution as the card you used, you will need to contact your previous financial institution directly to verify the details of the pending refund which will automatically be sent to the bank you paid with. The bank will then verify you and arrange for the money to be sent to you.

Please Note: We are unable to change the credit card details from our end.


Will there be an option to transfer to a Tough Mudder event in 2020?

No, in an effort to refund Mudders as quickly as possible we are not offering a transfer to a 2020 event. The Sydney 2020 Event will be announced shortly and we hope you will join us for next year and register when the event opens soon.


I received my “refer a friend rebate” last week when will the balance of my registration be returned?

You will receive your full registration costs back progressively from Monday 25th November, the amount you will receive during this period will be your registration plus any relevant additional purchases less the referral rebate already paid.


What should I do if I have not received my refund by Monday 2nd December?

Don’t panic! We have set ourselves the task of completing the refund processing by Friday 29th November, if we get through all of this by this time it may still take a few business days for you to see the money appear in your accounts

Friday 15th November 2019


Dear Mudders,

As a result of the devastating bushfires in greater NSW and more specifically a major bushfire advancing toward the site of this weekend’s Tough Mudder, we have decided to cancel the event. This decision has been made with the safety of our participants and staff as the number one priority and follows the latest update and advice from the emergency services, including the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Participants will receive a refund, details of which will be sent to you via email in due course, and we hope to see you at another Tough Mudder event soon.

We trust that you will understand given the circumstances and our thoughts are with the fire fighters and those affected by the many bushfires threatening so many people and properties in New South Wales and Queensland.

Kind regards,

The Tough Mudder team

Why did you cancel?

We made the decision to cancel due to a major bushfire advancing toward our event site and inherent smoke inhalation risk for participants, following consultation with the emergency services.

Will I get all my money back?

You will receive a refund and will receive an email with further details on this in due course.

Will I get my parking back?

If you have pre-booked parking with your registration, this will be refunded at the same time.

I paid for flights and accommodation – will I be refunded this?

You will receive a refund for your registration any additional add-ons you purchased from Tough Mudder, however we are unable to refund personal travel costs.

How long will it take for my refund to hit my bank account?

You will receive an email with further details on the refund process in due course.

When will the next event be?

The 2020 schedule will be released soon, please register here to be the first to know.

Can I just transfer my ticket to next year?

You will receive a refund for the event – we are not offering a transfer to any future events in relation to the cancellation of Tough Mudder Sydney. However, you can register your interest here to be the first to learn more about next year’s schedule.

Is the event postponed or cancelled?

Following consultation with the emergency service agencies, Tough Mudder has been cancelled due to a major bushfire advancing toward the venue. The 2019 Sydney event will not be rescheduled.