Official Start Time

Find your start wave

Start times are staggered based on availability. Depending on demand, you may not have been assigned the start wave you requested. If you haven’t received your start time before the event via email, please look up your start time.


Enter your registration ID to use the start time lookup. If you don’t have your ticket, login into Active using the email you used to sign up with to get your registration ID and ticket confirmation resent.



  • If you signed up after Monday 8th October, your start time will be allocated and sent next Tuesday 16th October.
  • TEAMS: If you signed up late and have been assigned a different start time from the majority of your team, you are permitted to join their start wave.
  • If you didn’t create a team in Active, we will permit all your team to run together, so if you all received different times, you can all move to the latest time received by a member of your team.
  • If you signed up within one week of event date, you will automatically be placed in the final start wave of the day, and you will NOT be shown in this lookup.
  • The final start waves are Saturday: 2:20pm and Sunday 11:20am
  • We suggest arriving 1 hour before your assigned start time to ensure you can check in, get your face marked, drop your bag, and get to the Warm Up Zone 20 minutes before you are set to run the course.
  • What if I don’t get the start time I requested? We can only allow a certain number of participants on course at any given time to ensure a smooth and safe event. For this reason, please understand we cannot accommodate all requests for preferred times.

Registration ID is in this format: R-XXXXXXXX and can be found on your confirmation ticket.