Thinking of running Hans Solo or just want to meet new friends?… read ahead.

Ok so you did the research, and you want it all. The pulse-pounding world-class obstacles that’ll test your toughness, the chance to relive your youth in copious amounts of mud, the killer live entertainment and of course the frosty cold beer(s) in the Village. The only thing stopping you is that all your usual crew can’t hit the mud with you.


Well sit back, relax (for now) and snag a spot in our all new Solo Runner Teams. In 2019, its time to ditch the lone wolf status, form a new muddy wolf pack, and rip yourself a new one.

All you gotta do is this.

  1. Register for your event, then follow the instructions to “Join a Team” and search for TM Solo Runners.
  2. There will be two options TM Solo Runners 10AM or TM Solo Runners 12noon (note 12 noon only offered on Saturday), you will not require a password to join these teams.
  3. Join the team and you’re ready to conquer the course with your brand new crew.


Once you have signed up, you’ll receive further information closer to the date including a meeting point in the Village prior to your start wave.

TOUGH MUDDER SOLO RUNNERS TEAM – the perfect place to meet other independent thinkers, form lasting muddy wolf pack mates and get goal-crushing.

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You might be Solo but you’ll work as a team to conquer these obstacles now on course

GO SOLO. All the cool kids are doing it