Astrology: Your September Mudderscope

Astrology: Your September Mudderscope

Mudders, this ain’t your yoga instructor’s favorite horoscope, and you won’t find these snippets of wisdom in a fortune cookie at your local Chinese food restaurant. This is your September Mudderscope. Instead of looking at the stars, we look at the mud. Are you a clean-eating, gym-junkie who never stops training? Or someone who chugs the finisher beer and polishes off another half-dozen at the bar afterwards? The mud says more about you than you think.


VIRGO – Wearing pilot uniforms and calling your team The Mud Mile High Club will have everyone trying to join up with you on course.

LIBRA – They love you for it, they kinda hate you for it, but goddammit do they respect you for it. Months of waking your team up for 6am workouts will do that.

SCORPIO – For some insane reason your buddy Steve will decide to run another lap at Tough Mudder Melbourne, and for some even more insane reason, you’ll join him.

SAGITTARIUS – Your very detailed plan to make it through Electroshock Therapy without getting zapped fails almost immediately, but we’re still proud of you anyway.

CAPRICORN – Somehow, more than 3 months after Tough Mudder SEQ, you and your team are still partying at Woodford.

AQUARIUS – After you challenge the entire base area to a chug-off your team will begin to wonder if you’ve forgotten hangovers exist.

PISCES – A statue will be raised in your honor at The Rocks Sydney after your impressive 8-hour stint pulling Mudders to the top of Everest.


ARIES – 15kms into your World’s Toughest run you’re shocked to learn it’s a 24-hour event.

TAURUS – They said you couldn’t do it, but after 12 attempts you’ll finally finish your 5th post-event cheeseburger.

GEMINI – In an incredible display of bravery, you’ll complete your next event wearing only one well-placed sock.

CANCER – Breaking a Tough Mudder record, you will give no less than 2,567 high fives at Tough Mudder Sydney.

LEO – At first your team won’t be sure, but ultimately they accept that running as every different Sly Stallone character was really their only choice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your September Mudderscope, stay tuned for October.

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