When it comes to obstacles, we’d be lying if we said they were all made equal. Don’t believe what your mum told you – she has her favourites and so do we. So picking between our favourite kids – particularly when curating the line-up for the brand spanking new Tough Mudder 5K – which combines 13 world-class obstacles and just 5kms of running, was no easy feat!

Alas our team of Obstacle Directors has revealed in a moment of sheer weakness (and excitement) that 5K Mudders will get to experience an epic selection of favourite favourites and some newbies we recon you’ll legit lose it over.

So if you’re weighing up whether to invest in more leg days, or calculating exactly how much mud you can look forward to diving into (spoiler alert: yes, and lots) – here are 5 obstacles coming to SEQ’s muddy hood in May.



  1. Spread Eagle (BRAND NEW)

When it did a sneaky pop-up in Queensland at the start of the year, this one was challenging on so many levels and scores some big points for observation hilarity factor. Imagine yourself a tight-rope-walker of sorts, but on all fours – with a constantly quivering slack-line that tests your mental endurance, core, and strength all in one ‘fowl’ swoop.

Check it in action:



  1. Kiss of Mud 2.0 (MUDDIEST OBSTACLE)

Forget the foreplay, this one is down, dirty and will leave you filthier than you can imagine as you commando crawl on your belly below barb-wire in sludgy mud. Forget what you learnt in 7 minutes in heaven; keep your mouth closed for this one and, whatever you do, don’t fight the feeling.

Check it in action:



  1. Everest 2.0 (FAN FAV)

Coincidentally one of the hardest obstacles to build, Everest 2.0 is also arguably one of the toughest to conquer – but the feeling when you do is next to none! Unlike its mountain namesake, taking it slow is not an option for Everest 2.0 as the looming quarter pipe demands agility, strength and a whole lot of team work. She’s a favourite for a reason – this is what Tough Mudder is all about.

Check it in action:



  1. The Block Ness Monster (FAN FAV)

Not nearly as elusive as the OG Loch Ness, The Block Ness Monster gets you wet n’ wild and wishing you’d spent more days on arms at the gym as the block rotates mercilessly before you. There are many strategies to conquer this one, but whichever you choose, get ready to feel like Braveheart by the end of it.

Check it out in action:



  1. The Gauntlet (BRAND NEW)

Another newbie we’re excited to reveal is – drum roll – the longest obstacle in Tough Mudder history.  Don’t be confused, this might look like a kids’ playground with monkey bars and balancing beams, but the Gauntlet is anything but child’s play, demanding a full-body commitment and a fair whack of humility to conquer.

Check it out in action:

So what are you waiting for, it’s not too late to register for Tough Mudder SEQ – both the Classic and 5K include all of the above obstacles – sign-up today