Probably the toughest crew on the planet: Kiwi

Ever wondered who are the crazy kids that work behind the scenes pulling together the best event on the planet? We’re a small, hardworking team who live and breathe Tough Mudder (yep, we’ve all drunk the Kool-Aid).

It’s safe to say we’re all a little bit crazy, but as someone once said, it’s better to be crazy than boring!

So let’s meet the team. First up:  Kris ‘Kiwi’ Allen


Role: Operations Manager

What is your role at Tough Mudder? I design and build all of the courses, hire all specialists (e.g. builders, excavator drivers, riggers, engineers), design the village area, look after national logistics, create all maps.

How did you come to be working at Tough Mudder? Playing touch footy with the Director (Ben) and a job came up which I successfully applied for.

Give us an insiders perspective on the Tough mudder course/world. What do you know that we don’t? Have you got any hot tips for future mudders? We give heavy weighting to participant feedback when designing the events, so always complete the post event survey and give us your thoughts (both good and bad). Always expect the unexpected, we are forever looking at new obstacles, course designs and activations to keep it fresh for you! Hot tip is if you want to complete a full Tough Mudder, work on your grip strength – this is the Achilles Heal of 95% of people when it comes to obstacles…

What 3 things do we need to know, to know the ‘real’ you?
I’m a massive Star Wars nerd.
I can lay down out a mean robot on the dancefloor.
I once got a tattoo predicting the outcome of a famous sporting event in which the team actually lost = tattoo is wrong…

If you had a superpower what would it be? Teleportation

What is your favorite obstacle? Funky Monkey – The Revolution

Most memorable experience at Tough Mudder? Building a course for the Bachelor in 2016.

What does your average day look like? Emails, Obstacles, course Design, Construction costings and timelines, sleep, repeat.