If you mudders want a secret weapon for your last minute training, he’s arrived. Popeye The Sailor Man has teamed up with Tough Mudder and he’s given us his Top 5 Tips to make you Strong To The Finish™ on the big day. Over to you, Popeye!

  1. I didn’t gets to be the humble legend I am just because of my bulging arms and winning personality. It was because I don’ts even know how to spell the word ‘quit’. Seriously, Olive Oyl had help me write it just now.
  2. Protein bars and smoothies are for fancy types. All’s you need is a good ol’ fashioned can of spinach.
  3. Takes it from a little guy, no challenge is too big. Keep on fightin’ and remember: the higher ya have to climb, the sweeter the view is from the top.
  4. Here’s my favourite daily workout: Lift a tugboat, race a train on foot, then wrestle an angry crocodile till she quits. Do 2 sets if yer serious.
  5. If ya can’t finds a tugboat or yer crocodiles are too calm, try my Fitness Challenges instead.

Check out the Popeye Strong page for Popeye’s Push-Up Challenge, Squat Challenge and Plank Challenge to push you to the max in your last training weeks!