When we’re talking ‘Expert Level’ Mudder, few can compare to Damian “Damo” Schulz – one half of Australian Tough Mudder royalty, The Pharaohs, who hold the current Australian record for most Mudders conquered (49!).


This kind of pedigree is unmatched, so we summoned Damo to help bust some of the common myths associated with the world’s most famous obstacle course.


Myth #1: You have to complete all the obstacles  

“You can skip obstacles, that’s why Tough Mudder has bypass lanes. There will be challenging obstacles especially ones involving water or electricity. As the saying goes: if you can’t swim, don’t go in the water. You can always ask your teammates or other Mudders for assistance and encouragement at obstacles. You should try to complete as many obstacles as you realistically can – that’s part of facing your fears and completing a Tough Mudder.”


Myth #2: You have to be a marathoner to take part  

“To complete a Tough Mudder you do not need to be a long distance runner. To complete the Classic course you should be comfortable running 8-10 kms at a time without having a meltdown. There’s also the new option of completing the Tough Mudder 5K event if you want the obstacles without all the running.”


Myth #3: You need to run 16km non-stop

“A Tough Mudder course is interspersed with military-style obstacles so you will not be running the full distance non-stop. The maximum non-stop distance will be 2-3 kms and most times will be shorter than that. Another thing to keep in mind is that Tough Mudder events are not timed, so if you can’t go on and need to take a break, walk for a bit.”


Myth #4: You can’t run it alone

“You can’t convince anyone else to run a Tough Mudder with you? Don’t worry, other Mudders on the course will be there to lend a hand for obstacles that can’t be completed solo. Also, it’s not uncommon for people to find and join teams during the course. There’s something about struggling through the mud together that brings out the camaraderie amongst Mudders.”


Myth #5: Tough Mudder is only for elite athletes

“Tough Mudder is an event that can be completed by anyone with a general level of fitness. Yeah, there may be times when you are pushed beyond your comfort zone, but with the rush of adrenaline and encouragement of your fellow Mudders you will push through to the finish line.”


Myth #6: It’s dangerous

“Safety is paramount to Tough Mudder and all obstacles are tested and approved before an event. As with all physical activity events, injuries do occur so it helps to prepare as best you can and know your physical limitations. No awards for trying obstacles that are beyond your capability but most are achievable with some assistance.”


Myth #7: Tough Mudder is only for young people

“Tough Mudder is an event that is open to anyone 14 years and older (those aged under 18 must have a chaperone who is 18+). There are many Mudders who have started their fitness journey later in life who enjoy the challenges and fun of Tough Mudder.”


Myth #8: I’ve left it too late to start training

“It’s never too late to start training. Tough Mudder Classic requires a general level of fitness but remember, it’s not a timed race so you can take it at your own pace. For those who don’t feel they have the required level of fitness for the Tough Mudder Classic there is always the Tough Mudder 5K event. Complete the 5K event this year and start training to complete the Classic next year.”


Myth #9: I’ll never get rid of the mud…

“There’s one guarantee from a Tough Mudder event – you’ll get muddy. The mud will be through your clothes and shoes and in places you didn’t think mud could go. There are showers and change facilities in the Tough Mudder Village to get rid of most of the mud. The mud from a Tough Mudder event will eventually wash away but the memories of the day will remain for a long time.”


Registrations for the Tough Mudder Classic and Tough Mudder 5K are available now. FIND YOUR EVENT HERE.