Whether it’s a bucket list goal, an epic fitness journey, a way to raise awareness for a particular cause, for a laugh with friends, because of peer pressure, for a free mud mask or simply a plot to make money for the at-home ‘swear jar’, Tough Mudder has got your back… All covered in mud.


We caught up with some real-life Mudders to find out their ‘why’ for taking on the world’s most famous obstacle course.




Shernya, 20, Indooroopilly

“I have decided to get back into fitness and will be embarking on an 8-week challenge to get fit. I want to take on Tough Mudder as a challenge to myself.”


Vivian, 59, Bald Hills

“A bucket list story. Some years ago I saw senior hockey players had taken part in Tough Mudder. It looked like something only young men did. About three years ago, Amanda turned up at gym wearing a Tough Mudder t-shirt and even then at age 56 it seemed like a pipe dream. What a gratifying feeling to complete Tough Mudder last weekend… Such a journey with Anchor Training and all the people I met there. I’m sure I’m a lot fitter and stronger for it. So having completed Tough Mudder Half last year and the Full this year, I’m ready to do it all again.”


Aaron, 21, Shepparton North

“It gives us something to train for, so motivation at the gym and for fitness in general. As well as being a great time with all of the guys banding together to help each other succeed.”


Lisa, 43, Mt Gravatt

“After having reactive arthritis in one knee and not being able to bend my leg for almost a year, I needed something to motivate me into regaining my fitness, and nothing better than doing that with a group of work mates!”





Kelly, 30, Springwood

“We lost our nephew last year to suicide at just 15 years of age. We used Tough Mudder in 2018 as a platform to help raise awareness of this current issue. With 170 people joining our team last year, we hope to increase this number and increase awareness of teen suicide.”


Megan, 45, Cooran

“To raise funds and awareness to a cause close to my heart. My close friend’s son Alec has Sanfilippo, a rare genetic condition that robs children of a long and fulfilling life. I want to do everything in my power to help to find a cure for Alec and other children in his position.”


Scott, 34, Ormeau

“I am doing it to raise funds for Cure Brain Cancer. My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer at Christmas and I want to try and raise as much money as I can for research to potentially save many lives and hopefully one day find a cure.”





Benjamin, 20, Bellara

“My sister rang me up and asked if I’d like to know what it feels like to be a pig in s#&t, and I was the dumbass who said ‘Why not’? So here I am, signing up to cause myself pain. Let’s go team!”


Jodee, 51, Beaconsfield

“Joannnn made me do it!”


Dominic, 54, Capalaba

“My two girls have watched me over the years and would now like to do one with me.”





Kimberly, 29, Forest Glen

“My fantasy is to roll around in the mud naked while my hunky husband chases me wearing nothing but overalls and a straw hat…”


Melissa, 35, Tarragindi

“It was so much fun! Tough Mudder gives me motivation to maintain and increase my fitness and allows me to extend myself in ways I wouldn’t usually. I also love the camaraderie on the day – Mudder for life!”


Brenda, 43, Littabella

“It is just a really good day that helps us to conquer some of our fears and to face challenges that we think we are not capable of but we prove ourselves wrong.”



What’s your ‘Why’? Share it with us below.