Melbourne 2020


Tough Mudder HQ, last updated Friday 21st August 2020

Due to Victorian Government restrictions on gatherings and travel in light of COVID-19, and ongoing uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, we are sorry to announce that Tough Mudder Melbourne 2020 on October 17 and 18 has been cancelled.

We recognise and share your disappointment, but trust you understand that the circumstances and our commitment to Mudders’ health and safety has made it impossible for us to deliver this year’s event.

All participants registered for Tough Mudder Melbourne 2020 will receive a full refund (not including any presold and distributed merchandise.)

We ask that you please bear with us as we undertake this refund process. All refunds will commence in October, however we wanted to advise registered participants of the event cancellation as early as possible, to allow the necessary arrangements for any accommodation and/or travel bookings.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page or direct any further enquiries to


How much of my registration do I get back?

You will be refunded for the full amount of your registration plus any additional purchases selected, except for merchandise apparel that has already been delivered which will not be refunded.

Can I transfer to Melbourne 2021?

No, as the Melbourne 2021 event is not yet launched we cannot permit transfers.

I made a pledge donation to Beyond Blue do I get this money refunded?

No, this money has already been paid out to the charity direct.

Can I transfer to Sydney 2020?

No, with the uncertainty still surrounding this event in light of COVID-19 we are not permitting transfers.

Will I get my parking back?

If you have pre-booked parking with your registration, this will be refunded at the same time.

I paid for flights and accommodation – will I be refunded this?

You will receive a full registration refund and a refund for any additional add-ons (minus anypresold and distributed merchandise) that you have purchased from Tough Mudder, however we are unable to refund personal travel costs.

I bought a ticket off a friend using the transfer service, how do I get a refund?

As we do not have your credit card details (as payment was done by the original participant), the only way to provide a refund will be to the original participant. You will need to arrange directly with your friend to receive the funds.

I have changed my bank card since purchasing, but remain with the same bank how does the refund get back to my new card?

The refund will automatically be sent to the credit card account within the bank. Please contact your local branch to have the amount transferred to your new card.

Please Note: We are unable to change the credit card details from our end.

For more detailed information, please kindly refer to Active’s Closed Credit Card Refund.

I have changed my bank card and am now with a different bank, how does my refund get back to me in this situation?

If you no longer have an account with the same financial institution as the card you used, you will need to contact your previous financial institution directly to verify the details of the pending refund which will automatically be sent to the bank you paid with. The bank will then verify you and arrange for the money to be sent to you.

Please Note: We are unable to change the credit card details from our end.

Tough Mudder Melbourne 2020 Event Update

Tough Mudder HQ, last updated Tuesday 28th July 2020

In accordance with the State of Emergency issued under section 198 (1) of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the further extension under section 198(7) of the Act issued by Jenny Mikakos MP, the Victorian Minister for Health restricting outdoor gatherings until at least 16 August 2020, we have decided to suspend entry registrations for the 2020 Melbourne Tough Mudder for the time being.

The health and safety of our participants and Mudder community remains our top priority, and as such we will continue to closely monitor and review the situation as we receive more information from public health authorities. We want to reassure you that if we do need to cancel, all purchased entries will be eligible for a refund. We are working hard to have a final answer for you as soon as possible, and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing patience and support.

Please feel free to contact TMHQ at or visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page to answer any queries.