Meet the new faces at TMHQ: Trent

We sat down with TMHQ’s newest recruit, Trent, to find out how he’s settling in.

What is your role at Tough Mudder? Event Operations Coordinator. Basically assisting one of our fearless leaders ‘Kiwi’ in coordinating all operational elements of the event. Anything that needs to happen to make the course a reality sits with us.

Tough Mudder myths vs reality: I am too fresh on the scene to go too deep with this but I would say that the biggest myth from my perspective would have been that competitive people would be the only ones who would/could do tough mudder. I assumed that flying around the course as quick as possible would be the norm. Everything I have seen, read and heard is that teamwork with both those you know and complete strangers is the order of the day. You will need to make friends going up Everest whether you like it or not, remember that!

Have you got any hot tips for future mudders? Make sure you keep up to date with the constant stream of tips that flow the Tough Mudder website in the lead up to the event – they are there for a reason!

What 3 things do we need to know, to know the ‘real’ you?

  • I believe I am the second coming of Vanilla Ice when it comes to my Ice Ice Baby rendition.
  • Kahlua and milk is not only a drink for the elderly.
  • I can dish it out but I’m not sure I can take it.

If you had a superpower what would it be? Inspired by the great Karl Pilkington, I would love to be the bullshit man!

What is your guilty pleasure? So Fresh hits of the early 2000’s (It peaked across the 2003 versions)

Favourite travel destination? Toss-up between the UK, Germany and Istanbul. UK in a campervan, Germany for the beer and food and Istanbul for the completely different way of life.

What does your average day look like? Depends on the day. Usually spend some time on the phone talking to contractors, maybe tinkering with the course of village maps and a whole range of other tasks. The only constants are a Banh Mi with Tom for lunch and watching the big dog eat! WOOF!