A Letter from the Author: To the Tribe Behind the Tough Mudder Movement

To The Toughest Tribe on the Planet …

When I first started on this wild journey called Tough Mudder in 2010, I never anticipated that eight years later I’d be writing a blog post to more than 3.5 million people – The Tough Mudder Tribe. Mudder Nation. Tough Teams from Tri-State to Toronto to Shanghai, SoCal, and Sydney.

You, our committed Mudders, have shaped this company, aiding in the development of a tribal spirit that is so thoroughly captivating and unique. You disrupted and defied societal sports norms, positively impacting the world again and again through shared experiences and an indomitable spirit.

It is with great honor that I write to you today about my new book, IT TAKES A TRIBE – Building the Tough Mudder Movement.

This book is about YOU, Mudder Nation – the millions of members of a global tribe of passionate participants who live, eat, and breathe Tough Mudder.

This book is about Mudder Legends who have shared stories so bravely and have touched the lives of so many. This book is about the beginning, the untold true stories, the secrets, the people, the personalities, the events, and the foundation on which Tough Mudder Inc. is built.

The book is raw, real, and offers a never-before-seen glimpse into the early years and the struggles and joys behind building a company as unique as Tough Mudder. It is a tribute to the Tough Mudder lifestyle – those who, like you, live it, breathe it and the Mudder Legends who epitomize it. It is for Mudders – or anyone for that matter – who has ever been told “no,” or “you can’t” and dared to prove those doubters wrong.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading The Toughest Book on the Planet. And who knows – it won’t get you over Everest 2.0 alone, but it might even make you a little tougher.

Thank you for being such wonderful, wild, and committed members of The Tough Mudder Tribe. Thank you for being you.

From my mud to yours,

Will Dean

Tough Mudder Co-Founder and CEO

Written by Will Dean