Tough Mudder Legion
Bigger. Better. More Badass Than Ever..

Completing a Tough Mudder course is a testament to your boss-level badassery. The challenges crushed. Obstacles overcome. Epicness experienced. Cross that finish line for the first time and you’re automatically inducted into Tough Mudder Legion, a community of unstoppably awesome Mudders who Get Shit Done. As a Legionnaire, you’re forever viewed as a warrior, a leader, someone willing to do whatever it takes to get yourself – and your team – to the finish..

So start working on collecting those headbands.

Advice from our Legionnaires

We’re closing in on our biggest events of the year, and we know there are a lot of nervous first time mudders out there. So we’ve asked some of most experienced Aussie mudders for their toughest tips for first timers, brought to you by our partner EFM, who supply all our toughest mudders with the toughest phone protection out there. If you meet these guys out on course, make sure you say hi- they’ll always be there to give you a helping hand or leg up when you need it.

Tip #1. No matter how cold you imagine the Arctic Enema is, it will be much worse. So don’t think about it, just bloody do it.

-Steve Callinan, 6x mudder

Tip #2.  Don’t worry about doing your first Tough Mudder solo, on course we’ve got your back through camaraderie!

-Morgan Schneider, 9x Mudder

Tip #3. Always put your ‘Tough’ face on when running past a camera man.

-Wesley Constable, 5x Mudder, 2x World’s Toughest Mudder

Tip #4: If you want to crush Funky Monkey and KONG, you need to work on that grip strength. You need to be able to support your own body weight through these killer obstacles or you’re going down.

-Nigel McIntosh, 25x mudder

Tip #5:  Face your fears and don’t give up.

-Holly Inglis, 10x mudder

Tip #6: On Electroshock Therapy keep your arms up to take the shocks rather than on your head. Don’t close your eyes and run or you’ll end up with a face full of mud, getting zapped on the ass.

-Dr Pete, 23x mudder

Tip #7: The 4 H’s: Hi, Hey, Hello, Help, will open many doors, and many hands make light work. The Tough Mudder family are just itching to help.

-Dave Angove, 12x mudder

Tip #8: Just go out there and have fun. And a little upper body strength is helpful.

-James, 57 years old, 3x mudder