australia’s filthiest calendar

Introducing Australia’s Filthiest Calendar

That’s right…we stripped down and muddied up 15 Mudders for Australia’s Filthiest Calendar.

Mudders come in all shapes and sizes; all ages; all abilities. We love celebrating the awesome, inspirational everyday Aussies who make up our Tough Mudder Community.

A special thank you to the real-life Mudders who bared all to provide that all you need is mud. 



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“Take every opportunity that comes your way.

For this 18-year-old go-getter, the allure of being able to do something active, social and outside the norm was enough to get Laura signing-up with a bunch of mates for her first ever Mudder.

Proving that living your best life should be fun, when Laura isn’t hitting the books, she spends her downtime out and about soaking up the sun in her job as a pool lifeguard and volunteer lifesaver. Inspired by her fellow volunteers who work tirelessly to support the community, Laura is a big believer in embracing all the everyday adventures life has to offer.

While Laura has started upping the ante in preparation for her first mud run, her approach is all about living a consistently active lifestyle. Choosing exercise that’s fun and social, she enjoys group classes, hitting the lanes in her local pool with her bestie and chasing the best waves where exercise is just a happy by-product.

Laura thinks she’s a perfect Tough Mudder because she’s in it to grin it. “I wanted a challenge that would be physically demanding and one that I could do with friends and have so much fun doing it,” she says.



“The only thing typical about Tough Mudders is that they have blood running through their bodies. It’s been proven time and time again that there is no barrier to doing this.”

Best known for his role on Australia cult classic Neighbours, 30-year-old former carpenter, outdoor adventurer and new experience hunter Matt is also a Tough Mudder addict, having conquered three to date and many more to come.

Before achieving his career PB as centerfold for Australia’s Filthiest Calendar, Matt had a couple of other headline-stealing titles under his tool-belt, including Australia’s Hottest Tradie in 2010 and a Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist nod in 2011.

On conquering Tough Mudder, Matt says it’s the sense of achievement and the courage it gives you to do bigger and better things in your everyday life that keeps him coming back for more. And his advice to future punters? “Bring an old pair of runners, and prepare to have epic amounts of fun.”

Kate & Cameron

“I want to be able to say that I’m Tough!’

 33-year-old daytime office manager, weekend nightclub manager, mum of two and closet roller-skating addict Kate reckons the best training ground for her first Tough Mudder is life. Rocking an impressive day-to-day routine, and trying to find time to enjoy moments with her family, Kate says it was only a matter of time before she joined her hubby in the mud run she’d been hearing him rave about.

Kate has become a master juggler – family life, two jobs, and a busy social life. She’s also known by her mates as being the first to go to when they need a helping hand, and the last-woman-standing on a night out – which makes her perfect Mudder material.

After supporting her hubby and friends from the side-line, Kate’s decided it’s time to resign from her role as cheer squad captain and say to the world, I can. And can she will. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, I’m a firm believer in that,” she says. See you at the finish line, Kate.


“Create MEMORIES; don’t take everything too seriously.”

His day-to-day reads like a James Bond novel complete with covert operations and private investigations. But for 41-year-old family man Cam, he thought his true mission impossible would be convincing his high-school-sweetheart wife to sign up for Tough Mudder. How wrong he was!

For Cam, Tough Mudder is less about the fitness challenge and more about the satisfaction of completing a challenge alongside mates – new and old. Conquering his first Mudder with his best mate, his next is with his wife, Kate, and boss – two people he praises as the biggest inspirations in his life. When it comes to preparation though, it’s all about the mindset for Cam: “Sign up, turn up, smash it out.”

This time round, the cheer squad will be headed up by Cam and Kate’s kids Seth and Ashlyn, who are pumped to see mum and dad being their best selves. And what better glory than that?


“I wanted to show my kids that with a bit of hard work and the right attitude you can achieve almost anything.”

For supply chain manager and father of two Lee, the road to Tough Mudder wasn’t a walk in the park, but the calling was inescapable. Though his family laughed in disbelief when he signed up for his first Mudder, Lee certainly had the last laugh, as he stares down his third Tough Mudder a massive 23kgs lighter and a whole lot healthier.

Devoting himself to a steady 6-month fitness challenge before each Tough Mudder, 43-year–old Lee’s journey has been a deeply personal one, which is why he tackles the course solo. This way, according to Lee, his only competition is himself. And while Lee rocks up alone, he certainly doesn’t finish that way. He says the most rewarding part of the challenge is hearing his kids cheer him on from the side-line and enjoying the finish line beer with an army of fellow Mudders and new mates.


“It gives you the chance to embrace your inner child for a day, which is something we often don’t do enough.”

Some Mudders discover the calling in adulthood, but for Melbourne mechatronic engineer Bede, you could say mud was in his blood from birth.

Growing up on his family’s farm in remote New South Wales, Bede attributes his Mudder-mania to memories of running amuck with his older brother, building forts, and slinging mud around the dam.

Still curious and always learning, Bede builds and flies FPV racing drones and is partial to the occasional air guitar session. His approach to Mudder prep includes not nearly enough running, a good swan dive and a lot of practice for crushing the victory beer at the end.

Bede says his ultimate goal is recruiting his older brother to join Mudder Nation, to relive the glory days on the farm. For now, this farm boy at heart sees Tough Mudder as his opportunity to temporarily trade corporate life for some fun in the mud outdoors with like-minded mates.


Dr Pete

“Anyone can do it. You won’t know until you try, and I or someone else on course will always be there to help you and get you across the finish line.”

Meet Pete, the 32-year-old doctor who, prior to conquering his first Tough Mudder, had never run so much as 10km. In fact, despite advocating best health practices to his patients, Pete was never overly active himself, recalling not being able to finish his school level cross-countries.

Fast forward to today and Pete has conquered 34 Tough Mudders across

Australia, New Zealand and the USA – including covering 45km in Australia’s notoriously challenging, expert-level 8-hour Toughest Mudder in 2017.

Pete’s the proud brother to Winter Olympics Silver Medalist David Morris, who he says is his greatest inspiration. “He, like me, started his training at a local gymnastics club and worked his way from the bottom to the top.” It’s because of this that Pete advocates the ‘mind over matter’ approach to fellow Mudders.

Tough Mudder will continue to be a primary motivator for this GP, who plans to continue exploring uncharted territories around the world by getting down and dirty at mud races, where he’s able to embrace his inner-kid, meet other legends and make memories at every obstacle.

Damo & Ben (The Pharoahs)

“I keep coming back to Tough Mudder for the challenge of each course and the comradery experienced with complete strangers.”

Having conquered almost as many Mudders as birthdays he’s celebrated, Damo was first introduced to the mud run through his personal trainer, Ben, who’d later become his numero uno Mud Brother.

A perfect escape to his busy corporate life, Damo is now one half of the infamous Pharaohs, who’ve go on to complete more than 40 courses around the country and hold the current Australian record for most Mudders conquered. He says it’s the mateship that keeps pulling him back – whether it’s picking up new legends along the way, or rekindling with other Tough Mudder legionnaires.

Of all Mudder memories (and there’s been a few), Damo’s fondest is from 2014, when he crossed the finish line alongside fellow Mudder Andy Short, who has cerebral palsy. “Andy’s determination to complete the obstacles and the entire course was inspiring,” Damo says. “It’s that team feeling that truly epitomises the Mudder spirit and gets you across the line – together.”



“ANYONE can do it! Everyone should do it! I have seen ALL walks of society cross that finish line.”

You’d be forgiven for being intimidated by Ben’s brute athleticism. He’s exactly who you think of when you think Tough Mudder, having conquered 42 courses to date as Australia’s reigning Tough Mudder King. But this 32-year-old fitness coach from Melbourne is so much more than a Mudder machine – and his addiction runs deeper than sheer adrenaline.

Ben’s friends describe him as the least competitive, most inclusive person you’d meet – and Mudder Nation can attest. His day-to-day involves motivating others to reach their own personal bests – and in the mud, Ben can be found doing exactly the same. While being the first in Australia to get a X25 headband milestone was a proud moment, Ben’s fondest part of each Mudder is assisting beginner groups through the course, including Mudders who aren’t as able as others.

It’s this satisfaction and comradery that comes from the all the guaranteed bruises, scratches, mud, fun and accomplishment.

Ben’s advice for those considering signing up? “Don’t ‘Get around to signing up soon’. Just do it! Trust me, you and the people around you will have the time of your lives.”


“Mudders aren’t just one look, age, ability or gender – I can be a Tough Mudder and also get my knee replacement if I need to.”

For 61-year-old Kaylene, her full life split between an impressive career and tight-knit family doesn’t allow for much training on the side. In fact, she heads into her first Tough Mudder with no preparation at all. As a forensic psychologist, Kaylene is tackling Tough Mudder to prove it’s all in the mind, and to show other everyday Aussies that age, or rather life experience, is something to be motivated by, not held back by.

A retired prima ballerina, it’s really no surprise Kaylene believes her 60+ years, with all their twists and turns, have provided the mental and physical stamina required to conquer a Mudder or two.

What excites her most is the knowledge that she can do whatever she needs in order to conquer the Tough Mudder arena. “It’s not a race to the end, or a display of brute athleticism; it’s me versus me,” she says.


“No matter your age, physical fitness level or disability anyone can become a Mudder.”

22-year-old Rye is an everyday Aussie legend, currently juggling study as a civil engineering student with an intense training schedule as an adaptive athlete for the Invictus Games Sydney 2018, at which he’ll compete in both wheelchair basketball and volleyball.

Rye is motivated to get out into the broader community and to help others with disabilities, to show that your physical or mental disabilities don’t need to hold you back from doing the things you love and enjoy. Having conquered two Tough Mudders to date, Rye epitomises the Mudder mantra that ‘the only obstacle is yourself’.

A combination of sheer determination and positive attitude has seen Rye soar to new heights and continually inspire those around him to keep their eyes on the prize. Rye’s top tip for those taking on Tough Mudder for the first time is simply to give it your all. “If you try hard enough, you can overcome anything,” Rye says.

Emily & Kez

“Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be the fittest person or a ninja warrior to participate – it’s not a race, it’s a challenge.”

One half of our Tough Mumma power couple, Em (43) has conquered four Mudders, eight kids, two bunnies, one dog, a couple of fish and a rescued budgie.

With a routine kicking-off at 5am, and often including coordinating more than 25 extracurricular activities for her tribe each week, the challenge of a 16km muddy obstacle course is basically ‘time out’ for this super mum.

After a bit of prodding from her local gym, who signed up an ‘all levels’ group, Em said yes to her first Mudder and started running in her late thirties, claiming ‘You’re never too old to start!’

Blown away by the comradery and atmosphere on the day, Em was hooked from that first Mudder and looks forward to the day her kids are old enough to tackle Tough Mudder alongside her and her partner Kez.


“Will I keep doing Mudders? Absolutely! It’s loads of fun.”

 Life for career woman, mother to a shared tribe of eight kids and St Mary’s Women’s Footy player Kez (40) is anything but quiet – and that’s how she likes it.

On any given day, Kez can be found tending to clients at her chiropractic clinic, keeping her growing squad of kids happy and healthy, getting outdoors herself, and working with partner Em on a range of natural health products to help with sports injuries.

Having jumped on the mud train because of Em’s growing love for conquering the challenges, Kez now has two under her belt, with many more on the horizon.

The secret to Kez’s Mudder success is maintaining health year-round, which she does by getting sweaty on the basketball court and footy field. And you can tell Kez is a team player from a mile away – she’s the first to give others a helping hand.


“You don’t have to be fittest, fastest, strongest, craziest. Tough Mudder instills the most amazing sense of comradery and human spirit that can be imagined.”

The moment his 17-year-old son made it across the finish line of his first Tough Mudder is the greatest Mudder memory for 53-year-old dad of two and business owner, Dave.

Having conquered three Mudders so far, Kiwi expat Dave warns newbies that mud sure is more addictive than it looks. Believing some things are best shared with friends, Dave tackles the course with a group of ex footy mates, ranging from a team of four to 15.

You’ll spot Dave’s team running with their beloved rugby ball that makes an appearance at each event, with everyone taking turns to ensure the ball gets safely through the course. Dave says it’s quite a metaphor, not only for his mates, but for all Mudders who become part of the team throughout the 16km journey.

Completing his first marathon at age 51, and with the 8-hour Toughest Mudder course next on the bucket list, Dave’s advice is to focus on your positive attitude and compare yourself only to the best version of yourself.


“It’s a very personal challenge but with unbelievable comradery.”

 27-year-old Emma slays her day-to-day as an electrician, where she can express her love for fixing things, meeting a challenge and getting her hands dirty. So it’s no wonder the opportunity to get down and dirty (and safely get an electric shock) was an attractive proposition to this mum of two kids under two.

Just a couple of weeks out from her first Mudder, Emma signed-up on a complete whim, but never once doubted her ability to have a bit of fun no matter the outcome.

A self-professed anti-exerciser, Emma says her favourite part of the Mudder experience is meeting new mates along the way; the boost-ups from strangers and the epic encouragement and laughs that each new obstacle delivers.

Emma can now add being a Tough Mudder to the ever-growing list of what makes her an inspiring role model to her two little girls (and really, all of us). Go, Emma!

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