Fast-track your way to FINISHING IT FEARLESS

Mudders! You took the plunge, signed up for the toughest obstacle course around and swore you would whip yourself into shape…

Has your strict training regimen fallen by the wayside? Have the last few months consisted of Netflix binge sessions and sneaky snacks? With one month to go until Tough Mudder hits Melbourne, we’ve compiled our top tips to get you ready – quickly and safely.

Boost Your Cardio

The Classic course is 16km long, so cardio training should be high on your priority list. With only a month out, the key to building fitness is with frequency and intensity – no more time for slacking off! Aim to run at least 3-5km a day and try to customise cardio from short distances to sprints. With a mix of uneven, rocky trails and uphill slopes, take your workout to the beach or bush to let your feet get used to different surfaces.

Team Up

Do you have your dream team lined up for the big day? Organise a few training sessions to sweat it out together. No matter how motivated you are, chances are you’ll push yourself harder in a group environment. Sharing your fitness sessions is great motivation to keep moving forward. Let’s be real, you’re less likely to cancel a workout when your mates are waiting for you at 5am (we hope!). Afterall, you might just need a helping hand in the mud.

Hit the Monkey Bars

Don’t let The Funky Monkey be your downfall! It’s time to nail your grip strength. Go back to basics and hit the monkey bars at your local park to improve your grip with dead hangs. It might not sound like the most thrilling exercise but it’s the most effective and quickest way to improve grip strength.

Swim Some Laps

As well as being a great form of low-impact cross-training, swimming can really help prepare you for water-based obstacles. Let’s face it, the last thing you want is a mouthful of dirty water! Jump in the pool and practice keeping your head above water.

Grab A Kettlebell

Your new best friend, the kettlebell, gives you a workout that can strengthen almost every muscle. Kettlebells are perfect for improving coordination, flexibility and strength. With exercises like kettlebell swings, deadlifts and goblet squats, you might curse at us now, but you’ll thank us when you cross that line!

Fuel Your Body

It’s time to bin the processed and sugary food (well, maybe not the chocolate!) and focus on fuelling your body with the right nutrients. Tough Mudder takes a lot out of your body, so you need to prepare by eating blood-building food such as leafy greens, legumes and red meat.

Since you’re upping the training, carbohydrates will be your go-to for energy. We aren’t talking pasta or white bread – stick to healthy carbs like sweet potato, wholegrain bread and oats.