Considering Toughest? Here are our 6 tips from those in the know

Toughest Mudder in SE QLD is now less than 6 months away! So if you are even considering tackling the beast, you has better start getting into the right head frame.

We asked the team here at TMHQ for their advice for anyone considering Toughest Mudder. So here they are, our 6 tips:

  1. Embrace the darkness, don’t be afraid of the dark. Think back to a kid when you played footy or hockey on a Friday night and how amazing it felt and how much energy you had. No oppressive heat means you can run all night !
  2. You’re not in this alone! While this is a solo run, the Tough Mudder principles of teamwork and camaraderie still ring true, with no man left behind.
  3. Sleep is over-rated, pain is your friend.
  4. Diamonds Adventures are forever. Trust us, you won’t be forgetting Tough Mudder for a long time!
  5. It’s a marathon not a sprint, pace yourself. Unless you want to win – in that case… RUN!
  6. Invest in a head torch, and start trying out some late night running. It’s a completely different feel to running in the day time, and you might just find you love it!