Welcome to the Biggest, Baddest, Most Epic obstacles in the industry. Year after year the obstacle-obsessed engineers at Tough Mudder work feverishly to make the impossible possible, and bring Mudders around the world the best obstacles in the game.

2019 is no different, with 25 best in class obstacles including an explosion of 8 new or updated obstacles on every Classic course. From tight spaces to high places, every course is locked and loaded with chances to conquer your fears, find your best, and experience the very best obstacles on the planet.

Whether you’re a first time Mudder, returning from last year or coming back from a Mudder hiatus this year’s courses are going to look like nothing you’ve ever experienced on a TM Australia course.

We’ve committed to bringing you a minimum of 8 New or Updated obstacles to every Aussie TM Classic course and even better each of our courses will carry different obstacles venue to venue, so if you’re a season ticket holder you’ll experience them all.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing more information about what NEW obstacles to expect on course so keep an eye out on our socials and in your inbox. Coupled with all the new obstacles we’re committed to bringing you more mud, more fun and of course all our iconic obstacles like Everest, Electroshock Therapy and of course Artic Enema.

Based on Mudder feedback in Australia we’ll be maintaining Happy Ending as our finisher obstacle, but never fear, those looking for shocks will still get their allotment from ETS on course for the Classic.

If you’re hitting a Mudder course for the first time and tackling the TM5k, we have an action packed mud fest coming your way with 13 fun, teamwork style muddy obstacles in only 5k. More obstacles.. less running.

Remember every obstacle has a bypass lane so it’s up to you if you take on the challenge.

So you want to know what obstacles are coming your way – prepare yourself now