7 tips to stay fit & healthy over the Christmas break

Ahhh the well deserved Christmas break. It can’t come soon enough, right!

With only a few more weeks until Christmas, now is the time of year when certain good habits go out the window and bad habits creep in.

Now, we’re not going to stand here and be the Christmas grinch and say you shouldn’t have that extra egg-nog or Christmas pudding, but the TMHQ team has come up with a few tips to help you stay fit and healthy over the Christmas break, so when 2018 rolls around, you feel happy and healthy and ready to conquer your new year resolutions!

So here they are, 7 Tough Mudder tips for staying fit and healthy this Christmas:

1. Because your sugar intake gets so high over the holiday break, try to consume natural sugars.

2. Getting into a morning exercise routine that’s not too strenuous will set you up well for the day.

3. Why not make the most of the sunny weather and walk/run/ride to work. A great way to get outside, enjoy mother nature and work off the Christmas Ham!

4. Exercise lots now so you can eat and drink whatever you want over the break!

5. Drink plenty of water. You’ll be busy, it’ll be hot, so make sure you keep up your water intake, especially if you’re having a few extras beers.

6. Group fun! Chances are a lot of your friends and family will have some free time now, so why not try a new activity together, whether it’s beach cricket, SUP, rock climbing, hiking or bike riding.

7. Don’t put on that Xmas suit, santa’s not ripped, ain’t that the truth,
If you are going to eat your body weight in food, burn it all off, your body will thank you
Tough Mudder SEQ will blow your mind, just train and don’t eat all the pies!

And finally, if you want some serious motivation, sign up to Tough Mudder now, and the thought of those 16+KM and 20+ obstacles will certainly help keep you on track!