7 Reasons to Tackle Tough Mudder With Your Dad

He sat through band recitals and taught you how to ride a bike. He lent you money the day before payday and lent you an ear the day before exams.

This Father’s Day, repay Dad’s all-round awesomeness with something a little more exciting than socks and jocks.

Really get his blood pumping by signing him up for Tough Mudder and strengthen those family bonds by joining him in the muddy trenches.

It doesn’t matter if you smash out the 16km Classic or charge through the new 5km course, the fun comes from jumping in together.


Birth Canal

He may not have been the parent begging for an epidural, but he was there right from the beginning, ready to catch you as you emerged into the big, wide world. Take a crawl through memory lane together as 50kg of sloshing water weighs you down. This is no time to act like a baby – show your Dad just how far you’ve come!


Leap of Faith

Close your eyes and take a test of pure bravery. It’s a sentiment that could apply as equally to the great unknown of parenthood as it can to the three-metre jump over a pit of cold, muddy water. While the latter features a sturdy hanging cargo net on the other side, your Dad navigated the former without any safety net. Respect.


Trench Warfare

Remember all those times you were afraid of the dark and hollered loudly in the dead of night for Dad? He’d emerge like a dishevelled, torch-wielding knight to slice a swathe of light through the monsters under your bed. Banish the bogeyman for good by accompanying Dad on a long, slow crawl through almost 20 metres of tunnels in total darkness. Nightlights optional.


The Gauntlet

He lost weekends of his life to club cricket and netball carnivals; sacrificed evenings to school speech nights and supervising extracurricular activities; and wasted hours waiting in carparks and on sidelines to pick you up and ferry you to the next thing. Return the favour by navigating The Gauntlet together, Tough Mudder’s longest obstacle spanning four sections that each test something different – much like Saturdays that started with sport, segued to a part-time job, moved on to homework help and finished at a school dance.


Devil’s Beard

You gave Dad a hell of a time as a teenager, now it’s time to make amends. Forget the fights about curfew, the tantrums over borrowing the car; let bygones be bygones as you unite to vanquish a common enemy – 140sqm of giant heavy netting covering 15 metres of mud-soaked terrain.


Black Hole

From footy boots to flute lessons; school fees to braces; keeping clothes on bodies that grew like beanstalks and food in bellies that yawned like bottomless pits – you weren’t cheap. No one ever got rich from parenting and it’s time to start paying Dad back. And much like the financial black hole the first 18 years of your life generated, a light beckons at the end of this dark and daunting tunnel too.


King of the Mountain

Tough Mudder’s hay-filled version stands at an opposing four-and-a-half metres tall but that’s nothing compared to the stature and status of your own King. Sure, it looks imposing and challenging but give it a little time, take a little perspective and you’ll see it for what it is – strong and steady on the surface, soft and warm inside. The ultimate tribute to Dad.