7 Aussie Mudder ways to spend this public holiday

Australian’s all let us rejoice, for the public holiday is here, and we are planning to make the most of it! Whether you celebrate the day by relaxing by the pool, going to the beach, or having a “Barbie” out the back, grab your lamingtons, snags, and an ice cold beer, we’ve put together our top 7 Aussie Day traditions to spend this public holiday the Tough Mudder way.

*WARNING The following suggestions are better enjoyed when combined. This might also lead to over- enjoyment of the long weekend and result in taking extended leave.


  • Tough Mudder stubby holder
  • Tough Mudder thongs
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunnies
  • Cricket set
  • Esky

Triple J Hottest 100

Yes, Triple J kicks off Hottest 100 on Saturday the 27th this year, but your Australia Day celebrations are definitely going to carry over the long weekend, so why not make the most of it by tuning into the top 100 songs from December 2016 to November 2017?

You may even hear some of these bangers make it onto the Tough Mudder playlist!

It’s not called “shrimp”, it’s called a prawn on the Barbie!

Make it known that Australians do not throw a “shrimp on the Barbie”, whoever came up with that is definitely not an Australian.

In addition to your Australia Day barbecue lunch,


items needed on your shopping list include:

  • Burgers,
  • Pork sausages or snags,
  • Coles coleslaw,
  • Lamb chops,
  • Steamed prawns, and
  • A tray of all your favourite summer fruits.

At Tough Mudder we like to make a fruit salad with a side of Pavlova.

Cricket, Cricket, Cricket!

Could cricket be the national sport of Australia?

The values of Tough Mudder and cricket are somewhat the same, a mantra to live by, pride, accountability, continuous improvement, and most importantly teamwork.

There are three iconic ways to celebrate being a “True Blue Aussie”:

  1. Slap on some green and gold, put your beer in your Tough Mudder stubby and watch Australia smash England at the ODI.
  2. Put the Barbie on and get a game of backyard cricket started.
  3. Load the carand head to the beach with some mates for a few rounds of beach cricket.


A majority of Australia Day celebrations happen on the Australian coast line. Australia is known to have some of the most iconic beaches in the world, let’s take the moment to enjoy the luxuries we have with a beach within a short drive of every major city.

Things you will need:

  • An esky full of ice and beer.
  • Your Tough Mudder Stubby holder
  • A bucket hat from your primary school days, or your new Tough Mudder hat.
  • That beach chair you bought, but always forget to take with you.
  • The beach umbrella you got for under $10, but every time you put it up it always blows over and you become Mary Poppins.
  • Don’t forget that sunscreen!
  • The final element to the beach outfit is a pair of thongs. Lucky for you, Tough Mudder thongs are now in stock!

Water sports

This is your time to get your Baywatch on.

Imagine running on the beach with a board in hand, running into the tide, paddling out between the red and yellow flags. Your mission: catch a wave.

If surfing is not your forte, hhead up to the river with those crazy mates who are into water skiing and wakeboarding and learn a new skill.

Pool Party

The average Aussie household is always in the vicinity of a pool. If you don’t have a pool, just jump a few neighbours fences and you’re bound to fall in one. Just remember the Tough Mudder way – always get an invite before crashing the party.

The best pool parties are a combination of activities, i.e. backyard cricket, poolside barbecue, and your Spotify playlist on repeat.

The Aussie Day Pub Crawl

If you don’t go to the office the following week without a shocking sunburn, did you really celebrate Australia Day?

You are guaranteed a Pub Crawl listed on a community Facebook page. Some pubs and bars have Australia Day trivia’s, but if you want to experience something only Australia has to offer, find the pub that has the “Best Mullet Competition”, or the Annual Roach Race, throw a thong, or put a bet on the cane toad race (they might be a pest but we love them on Australia day!).

Plus this weekend, we’ve got an extra bonus for all our mudders.

Sign up to Tough Mudder between midday Thursday 25th Jan and midday Monday 29th Jan and you receive a free pair of thongs or a stubby cooler- the choice is yours!