7 Reasons Why Aussies are the Toughest in the World

1. We were born for this. As children we were already in training for Tough Mudder, swinging from the Hills Hoist in the backyard until it bent out of shape or we got yelled at (or both). Then as young adults, we repurposed the Hills Hoist for an even better game, Goon of Fortune.

2. We have to battle with 21 varieties of deadly snakes here in Australia. Sure, Canada has to deal with wild bears on course, but we have to face our fears everyday we step into the great outdoors during training.

3. Over 100,000 Aussies have completed Tough Mudder since 2012, taking on arctic cold conditions, fire, electricity, gas chambers, and more. And 60% of you keep coming back for more.

4. Tough Mudder founder Will Dean says so. “It wasn’t what I expected but people in Australia are very much up for stuff and that really comes across. You also have a higher percentage of women here than in any country in the world.”

5. Statistically Aussies sign up later than anywhere else in the world. Proving that they don’t need to commit early and start training, they’re already tough enough!

6. Our breakfast of choice, Vegemite is 70% salt and 30% tar. Enough said.

7. We can fend off sharks with our bare hands. You’ve all seen the video, but here is it again if you want to feel some Aussie pride.