5 Reasons Why Your Corporate Teams Should Sign-up for Tough Mudder

Team building exercise – just hearing that phrase can trigger the urge to pull a sicky.


Too often these exercises are forced, tedious and repetitive and leave you feeling none the wiser about your team, let alone how to… err… build it.


It’s a shame because, done properly, team activities can create cohesion in the workplace and bond you and your workmates together.


With this in mind, why not get your hands dirty – and everywhere else for that matter – and try something outside your comfort zone by signing up your corporate team for the next Tough Mudder!


Not only will it throw you and your crew into the trenches together – literally – Tough Mudder also has a slew of spin-off benefits that you just won’t find on a golf course.


  1. Ditch The Desk for The Dirt

Research shows sitting at a work desk all day can have serious negative health implications, with weight gain and chronic back and neck pain among the more serious side effects. Scheduling Tough Mudder practice before and after work provides an excuse for yourself and your colleagues to get moving and work out those computer kinks.


  1. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

Tough Mudder pushes you and your co-workers to the limit. If you can guide each other through pools of head-freeze-inducing iced water, or rock and roll your way through rotating barriers in puddles of mud together, you can do anything!


  1. Distressed? De-stress.

Unsurprisingly, the workplace is a known hotspot for stress.  Fortunately, exercise is proven to naturally reduce stress levels by increasing endorphin levels and improving overall mood. Tough Mudder is focused squarely on exercise and physical activity so the entire workplace can start dialling down those stress levels together.


  1. Unity Community 

Working up a sweat with your desk buddies has huge benefits. For starters, it’s easier to stick to a training plan when you’ve got Kevin from finance keeping you accountable or Denise from the call centre to match your pace. Squad training can spur you on and smashing Tough Mudder’s legendary obstacles will bind you as a team – and provide the perfect, mud-spattered team photograph to display in the boardroom!


  1. Employee Productivity 

Sitting at a desk or repeating the same work tasks can lead to inertia. It’s hard to stay motivated when your work routine is the same, day in and day out. Studies have long shown the benefits to productivity and focus when workers get their blood pumping with exercise. Start the weekday on a high with a spot of Tough Mudder training, shake off the stress with a post-work workout or grab your colleagues and clear your mind with some light lunchtime cardio.


VIP Group & Corporate Team Packages are also available.


So, what are you waiting for? Click here to registration your team for upcoming Melbourne and Sydney Tough Mudder Events