5 Pick-Up Lines Guaranteed to Get You In The Game

1. See a someone you fancy? Tell them to meet you at The Reach Around for a good time. Trust us, they will.

2.“Hey baby, you’re giving me the shivers.” Perfect for hanging out at Arctic Enema.

3. At Tough Mudder dirty talk takes on a whole new meaning.“Oh Hey, you like it dirty too?”

4. Why wait around? A real Mudder gets those digits first thing. “Hey [Babe, Dude, Sugar, Sunshine]. You got a race bib? Cause I need your name and number.”

5. When you run a Tough Mudder, don’t beat around the bush, cut right to the chase. Why dance around that Mudder you saw at mile 3? Hit em with “Your mud or mine?” and get down to business.