The 5 Mudder Mates everyone has on their team

The Instagram addict

You’ll find them posing for selfies before the race, taking group pics in their costumes, running along with their phone in a water-proof case, and generally documenting every second of the day via social media. Tip: stay vigilant to avoid collisions when they stop abruptly to snap that finish line picture! You don’t want to ruin their #photooftheday

Super serious Sam

We all know the type. They’re all about schedules, PBs, meal prep, and getting up early on weekends to train. They’ve got a Fitbit, they’re fueled up on Musashi Pre-workout, they’ve got their custom designed Merrell shoes, and they’re not afraid to abandon their team if you’re all TOO SLOW!!

The Obstacle race obsessive

They’ve done every obstacle race out there and they’ve got it down to a fine art. Scaling obstacles in 2.5 seconds, they’ll be at the top offering you a helping hand before you’ve had the chance to even assess possible methods of getting up there. Ice? Hardly cold! Mud? The more the better! You need someone like this in your team.

Miss Mudderella

They’ve got their outfit for the day sorted down to their color coordinated accessories. Somehow, even after they’ve run 18km over obstacles and through bucket loads of mud, they still manage to look perfect. Guaranteed to cross the finish line without a drop of sweat or hair out of place, whilst you resemble a deranged, swamp-cat.

The Hero

The star of the team, you’ll feel guilty for complaining around this person because they’re tough as nails. They’ve usually overcome a huge feat to be there next to you and are always smashing goals that us mere mortals wouldn’t dream of being able to do! Everyone in the team is secretly hoping a little of their toughness might rub off.

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