The 3 Best Things About Arctic Enema

1. It wakes you up

Sure, you could try slapping your face, you could do jumping jacks, you could take a shot, you could chug a cup of coffee. But no matter what, there is no cup of coffee stronger than an 8:00 am jump in an ice dumpster. None.

2. It provides opportunities for embarassing photos.

We’re sure there are a few funny photos from your elementary school days, but when was the last time you had a good laugh over photos of your adult self? Never fear, Arctic Enema serves just that purpose:

3. Every shower for the rest of your life feels warm.

As if you needed another reason other than the two listed above, you will NEVER feel cold in a shower again. Every shower for the rest of you life will feel like sliding into a warm bath compared to that time you jumped into Arctic Enema at Tough Mudder.