100 reasons to do a Tough Mudder

Lets face it, if you’re reading this you’ve considered doing a Tough Mudder. Or maybe you’ve done one before and it’s been a while. If there is one thing we here at TMHQ know, it’s that getting to one of our events is the best decision you will ever make. How can it not be when there’s an event for every fitness level? Hell, we even have ’em for teenagers. Just to be sure though, we did the research and compiled the most comprehensive list of excuse-busting reasons for you to get off your couch and get to an event.

1. Escape the ordinary – There’s nothing regular about our events. Come out and be different.
2. Have some next level fun – Impossible to avoid.
3. Finally get back in shape – What are you waiting for?
4. Kickstart your diet – Less sugar? More Protein? More plants? Whatever it is, now is the time.
5. Kickstart your new workout plan – With Everest 2.0 looming you’re gonna need to get explosive.
6. Get over your ex – “If I can do Electroshock Therapy I can stop texting Shirley”
7. Get under your ex – “Oh you did a Tough Mudder? Maybe let’s have coffee and talk things over?”
8. Meet new people – New people are cool. You are cool. Be cool together.
9. Become a part of an ever-growing tribe of Mudders – 3.5 million served.
10. Get outside – Have you seen outside? Its pretty rad.
11. Max out your bad ass potential – Go from Steve to Stephen.
12. Impress your friends – Impress them so much they try an event themselves.
13. Impress your significant other – Someone’s getting lucky tonight.
14. Impress your boss – “You know what? I’m giving you that raise”
15. Impress your dog – Trust us, your dog will love all the mud you bring home.
16. Raise awareness for your favorite cause – Make a team, get donations, change the world.
17. Find a boyfriend- Almost impossible to avoid once word gets out you’ve run.
18. Lose a boyfriend – Get through a Tough Mudder and suddenly cutting Brad loose won’t seem so hard.
19. Find a girlfriend – See 17
20. Lose a girlfriend – See 18
21. Get engaged – Take the next step on our big stage, besides, who’s gonna say no in front of thousands of people?
22. Get married – Seriously, email us if you’re up for a muddy wedding. We’re not the first but your guests will never forget it.
23. Get tatted up – Getting a tat is cool, getting a Tough Mudder is pure bad-ass. Just ask the 20k other people who have them.
24. Watch people fail – Mean, but it’s safe to say it’s 100% going to happen.
25. Watch people succeed – It might bring a tear to your eye.
26. Test Your Limits – You’ll find them on course, and probably push past them.
27. Drink a beer or 4 – or 5 if you want.
28. Eat some tasty food – Burgers for the win.
29. Badass obstacles – Trust us on this one. 2019 have 8 NEW on every course.
30. Mud, mud and more mud – Seriously, it’s ridiculous.
31. People watch – Short, tall, big, and small. We get all kinds of folks and we love em all.
32. Meet a wombat – It’s probably going to happen.
33. Meet a unicorn – Highly unlikely, but anything’s possible at our events.
34. Meet a T-Rex – It definitely has happened. Here’s to hoping it does again.
35. Give yourself a Mohawk – You’ve always wanted a reason.
36. Wear a tutu – You won’t be alone.
37. Find inner peace – There’s nothing more zen than emerging from ice cold Arctic Enema – The Rebirth.
38. Faceplant – it happens to the best of us.
39. Get inspired – See amazing people do some amazing things.
40. Be an inspiration – You’re amazing, go show other people.
41. Marriage counseling – Forget about who does the dishes, if you can get through this you can get through anything.
42. Brag to your friends – You won’t be able to stop.
43. Brag to your co-workers – You’re gonna have to stop, you have work to do.
44. You love laundry – If you’re weird and like doing laundry, Tough Mudder is 100% for you.
45. Teamwork master class – Nothing teaches teamwork like navigating barbed wire.
46. See the countryside – Seriously, it’s beautiful out there.
47. Take a vacation – You work hard, now go play hard.
48. Watch the sunrise – Get here early, or just run a Toughest – either way it’s glorious.
49. Watch the sunset – Get ready for a Toughest by taking in some natural beauty.
50. Face paint – One guy made his face a shark.
51. Cool bibs – Official as hell.
52. Electric shocks – Electroshock therapy is back in a big way.
53. Ice cold waters – Nothing gets the blood pumping like an Arctic Enema.
54. Big jumps – Conquer that fear of heights in the coolest way possible.
55. Recapture your youth – Funky Monkey will get you feeling like a kid again.
56. Wear short shorts – Just another place to show your legs off.
57. Get weird – There’s no judgement on a Tough Mudder course.
58. Trash your shoes – Give your shoes a muddy final send off.
59. Make a best friend- Hard not to when you’re crushing life together.
60. Laugh – Watch someone faceplant into some mud and try not to.
61. Cry – Snag that headband and tears of joy are a virtual guarantee.
62. Shiver – Maybe it’ll be Arctic Enema, maybe it’ll be that frosty cold brew. Either way its happening.
63. Overcome – Kong, Everest, Funky Monkey, everyone’s got an obstacle that intimidates them. Overcoming those doubts is what it’s all about.
64. Get dirty – If getting down and dirty is your thing, then we are for sure your thing.
65. Get clean – Just like showering in weird places? Grab a ticket and check out our base area.
66. Get a tan – Yes that right.
67. Improve your complexion – Treat your run as one big spa treatment.
68. Step on someone – Like the idea of using people as ladders? Weird, but if that’s your thing Pyramid scheme is just what you need.
69. Get stepped on – Like being stepped on even more? See 68.
70. Silence the haters – Haters gonna hate and there’s no better way to shut them up then destroying 12 miles of obstacle filled insanity.
71. Give the haters Something to hate – Like making people jealous? See 69.
72. Dance Like nobody’s watching – You read it on a sorority girl’s wall, and guess what, it’s true as hell. We pump the jams while you drink brews.
73. Do You – Be your best self, we’re pretty sure that means running a Tough Mudder.
74. Swag – Shirts, hats, bibs, stuffed animals and more. Every event has tons of cool swag to haul off. Check out our online store
75. Use Your GoPro (Finally) – You bought one, used it once and forgot about it. Now justify that purchase by getting some killer video on course.
76. Jump off sh*t – “If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you do it too?” Yes mom, we would.
77. Climb over sh*t – See 75
78. Make Mum proud – She brought you into this world, now show her your appreciation by being the best mudder you can be. Just don’t bring those clothes to her expecting her to wash them.
79. Make Dad proud – “When I was your age I had 3 jobs and a mortgage” – Ok dad, but did you ever run up Everest without help?
80. Friendship test – Not sure about Steve? Run him through mud mile a few times and you’ll find out all you need to know.
81. Significant other test – There’s no better way to see how compatible you are then seeing how you react in Electroshock Therapy. Are you together until the end, or are you gonna cut and run?
82. Gym, and laundry – Tough Mudder was designed to maximize your potential (you should also hit the gym before your event and you will most definitely need to do laundry after).
83. Become a motivational speaker – You’ll spend so much time cheering on fellow mudders Tony Robbins is gonna need to look out.
84. Treat yourself – Nothing like getting yourself a nice day of refreshing bad-assery.
85. Go full ninja – Tough Mudder obstacles are the perfect place to find your inner ninja
86. Because we said so – Yup, you should listen to us. We’re smart.
87. For world peace – If everyone in the world acted like they do at our events? Say goodbye to war and poverty, and hello to babes and beers.
88. Get some shut-eye – All Tough Mudder events are guaranteed to tire you out.
89. To meet us – We are some seriously cool people here at TM. One guy ate 20 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
90. Volunteer – If you like giving back, then come be part of our volunteer army.
91. Orange is your favorite colour – Come get your first headband. It’s orange. You’ll love it.
92. Will Dean – Will made up this whole shindig so we could get together and have a blast. Seems like the least you could do is try out his creation.
93. You like to party – Ain’t no party like a TM party. Our base areas are filled with music, food and beer. What more do you need?
94. You deserve it – How do we know? Lets just call it a feeling.
95. Give your couch a rest – Seriously, you’re making an imprint.
96. Netflix will wait for you – Instead of spending 3 hours looking for something you haven’t watched, spend it on course.
97. Work event – Get a corporate team package and team build the TM way.
98. Stag do – Send your buddy off with a muddy bang. An added bonus? You’ll be too tired to get into any real trouble that night.
99. Hen do – Weird straws and tiaras? Bring em all and get wild on course.
100. Family reunions- Mum, Dad, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles and even your weird cousin Drew. Bring them all and instantly become the raddest family on the block.