100 Days, 100 Reasons

Guys, sorry to freak you out, but Tough Mudder Melbourne is only 100 days away! And don’t get too comfortable Sydneysiders, you’re not too far behind, only 120 days away.

For today only, we have 100 tickets on sale for $150. For Melbourne Full only. Use code 100DAYS to receive the discount

To celebrate this epic milestone, we asked, and you answered. Here are 100 reasons why you love Tough Mudder.
*Note, this is the internet, so some of these answers are quite frankly ridiculous. And some are bloody awesome!

1. Mud and beer
2. Fun, mud, fitness, friends and beer.
3. I love mud
4. Because it’s AWESOME!
5. Because I’ve completed it and Julie hasn’t
6. Of too many reasons.
7. It’s Tough Mudder- enough said
8. It’s fun
9. It motivates
10. it takes me out of my comfort zone
11. Nothing challenges me more!
12. Yoga pants
13. Of mateship
14. ..of the mud.
15. Its an epic challenge I rise up to
16. most fun you can have with your clothes on!
17. I’m hunting for the black legionnaires headband
18. My team will kick ass
19. it is so much fun & I climbed Everest wall first time !#conquered
20. Can see a man like Paul Marais in action
21. Cold beer at the finish line
22. I can kick Trent Noys butt 😂 😂
23. Because I’m apart of the team that creates it
24. It separates to doers from the gunners
25. You are put in a position to rise above your fears!
26. Great feel of accomplishment and also looooove how sore and bruised/scratched i get
27. It helped me realise I loved helping people and started my career in OCR
28. it was on my bucket list and I ticked it off. Was a lot of fun.
29. My awesome sis Melissa Conway will do it with me 😂
30. Of the bender afterwards
31. It challenges me
32. I get to laugh at my friend Corrie Norton when she falls in the mud 😉
33. Of the mud
34. Normal life is so god damned boring and for a day I escaped it.
35. Good clean fun has never been so dirty!
36. What could be more fun then rolling around in mud with my kids
37. Great spirit.
38. The positive atmosphere in the start up was amazing and exciting
39. Of the team aspect and that it’s not a race or about how quick you finish but about helping a fellow Mudder out.
40. I thought the whole setup was brilliant!
41. The best weekend away ever
42. One of the most memorable positive experiences we have had together
43. Loved it so much wanted to do some obstacles twice
44. Go hard or go home
45. It’s given me a sense of feeling that words just can’t describe.
46. Awesome to watch a mate achieve their fears
47. you guys are changing lives
48. I LOVE collecting the prized headbands.
49. Great event run by a great team of people
50. Had the best time
51. The best atmosphere
52. Awesome fun
53. gives people the opportunity to show their best, both socially and emotionally.
54. I loved the inspiration speech at the beginning of the race.
55. I absolutely had the best time ever!
56. It was great for a solo competitor
57. The course was interesting and challenging.
58. It’s a very well run event
59. Amazing event
60. Good fun idea
61. So proud to be part of it
62. Of the beer at the end
63. Of all the volunteers throughout the course,
64. the help and support of everyone
65. I feel alive
66. You can fundraise for charity
67. I inspired others
68. You feel amazing
69. You get a great butt
70. And abs
71. And legs
72. It’s a fantastic goal
73. It means I can eat all the pizza I want
74. I got to convince all my work colleagues to do something apart from drinking
75. My kids were proud of me
76. My husband and I are stronger than ever
77. I meet amazing people
78. You get a free shirt
79. Everyone is so happy
80. The spirit out there is amazing
81. You’re on a high for weeks afterwards
82. our skin will look awesome after this
83. The beer is the best
84. It’s the best weekend of the year
85. I couldn’t stop talking about it at work
86. It’s a tough day out of the office
87. I conquered my fear of heights
88. I never thought I could do it. And now I did it!
89. Just a great vibe
90. Everyone is friendly & encouraging
91. In the end we are 1 big family
92. One of the highlights of my year.
93. Worthwhile, challenging
94. very fun, community event for the general population
95. I had the time of my life
96. Free mid-race oranges or bananas
97. A great day out with mates helping mates .
98. I love it all
99. A great adventure.
100. I feel inspired to go out and do more