10-Minute Kettle-bell Workout That Will Help You Crush Berlin Walls

 Crush the Berlin Walls

A full-body workout that will prepare you for Tough Mudder’s most difficult obstacles sounds brutal, right? Well, today’s your lucky day, because we have a workout that will get you ready to conquer anything in your path—including Berlin Walls. Oh, and it only takes 10 minutes.

This next kettle-bell circuit, will destroy your entire body—in a good way. The workout consists of two rounds of 5 minute cycles—with a single, glorious minute of rest in between— each round contains 5 exercises. (Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds, followed by 15 seconds of rest):

Single Arm Bent Over Rows

Overhead Reverse Lunges

Sumo Dead-lift High Pulls

Single Arm Thruster

Kettle-bell Swings

Do one round with your right arm. Enjoy your minute off, because after that you’re doing it again with your left arm. Yes, it’s tough, but it’s not called an Easy Mudder, now is it? Finally, start pushing yourself and build up your physical and mental strength. As a result, you’ll be able to conquer obstacles like Berlin Walls—a 10’ tall behemoth that requires teamwork, strength, and power to get over.

So stop what you’re doing, grab a kettle-bell, and get to work. If you get a good sweat going, you’ll find yourself on the other side of the Berlin Walls in no time.

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