10 lines you can use to convince your mates to sign up to Tough Mudder with you

Have 2018 best friend goals? Want to get closer to your family? Or want to get even closer to the attractive next door neighbour? Feel like you are in need of some quality bonding?

2018 is your year to get your new bestie involved in Tough Mudder – ‘cos remember the best friendships are forged in mud! We don’t want you to get FOMO while you’re waiting to start seeing results at the gym, this is your year to really call yourself  a Mudder by getting your team together and hitting the course hard.

Whether you guys like to take it slow and gentle, or  prefer it quick and rough, the Tough Mudder course is designed to challenge you mentally and physically and ensure  you and your mates cross the finish line together.

Have you got some weak reluctant friends who don’t want to get down and dirty with you? We’ve got some great lines for you to use to convince your friends to join you at the next Tough Mudder.


“Whiners are wieners. Do you want to be a winner or a whiner?”

“Winners think on their feet, winners take action, winners lead by example, and winners focus on Tough Mudder!”


“Tough Mudder principles are teamwork and camaraderie , which means no Mudder gets left behind or forgotten.”

“We can do this together, and get dirty together!”

“I would never think of doing Tough Mudder without you. I’ve only heard great things!”

“We should volunteer for Tough Mudder so that we can get discounted tickets!”

“I know how much you love a cold beer. Imagine how much better that would be after you finished the Tough Mudder course?”

“Let’s cross Tough Mudder off our bucket-list. It’ll make us feel alive!”

If all else fails, THE BROWN-NOSER

“Tough Mudder is like having a spa day, while working out. Do you know how much people pay to be in mud?”

“Mate, we can finish this course like champions! You’re the best person I know who would get totally amongst the atmosphere and the comradery”


Consider this the start of a beautiful, muddy friendship…