Trench Warfare

You’ll wish you had nightvision.

Hate dark, closed-in spaces? You’re gonna have to suck it up for this obstacle. Crawl through narrow, dark, muddy trenches and watch out for rocks, obstructions, and the occasional splash of muddy water from the Mudder crawling ahead. This obstacle is almost pitch black until you finally reach the other side.





27 & 28 September, 2014

Capital Region, there will be mud.


Train Tough

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Suggested Training

Plank Holds (with elbows touching the floor): 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Do 8 rounds.
Calf raises (standing with your toes on a step): 10x on both feet, 10x on each foot, 10x on both feet)
Bent Arm Pull-Up Hang (bring your chin over the bar): 15 seconds each. Do 4 rounds.
Mountain Climbers: 15 on each leg. Do 4 rounds

Tough Mudder Tips

Crawl low and fast.
Use your abs to crawl through this obstacle. If you don’t like enclosed spaces, ask one of your teammates to go ahead of you and call out where the twists and turns are.


Volunteering at a Tough Mudder event isn't just about giving back — it's about pushing Mudders forward. With helping hands, words of encouragement and an attitude as positive as the day's atmosphere, volunteers ensure that no Mudder gets left behind.